Two Street Fighter Characters Are Coming To Fortnite

Something awesome dropped today from Epic Games and Capcom as they revealed Street Fighter will be making its way into Fortnite. The company didn't give away too many details about the addition, which will be coming out tomorrow, but they dropped a teaser trailer on everyone that looks pretty awesome. We start by hearing the familiar tune to Street Fighter II as someone pops in a couple of quarters and starts off a match between Chun-Li and Ryu. Before the two can fight, Agent Jonsey pops in through his teleportation circle and drops right into the middle of the Suzaku Castle, shocking both as he snags them both of them and they shoot up into the sky for a double-KO.

Well, I mean, that's one way to win a fight. Cheap, but effective. Courtesy of Epic Games.
Well, I mean, that's one way to win a fight. Cheap, but effective. Courtesy of Epic Games.

It's going to be interesting to see how they go about incorporating both characters into this since they don't exactly shoot guns in Street Fighter. Up until now, a lot of the additions from pop culture to Fortnite have been awesome, but they also revolve around the idea that pretty much everyone uses a weapon. Unless they plan on having both characters run around doing automatic hadouken blasts, we're pretty sure some people are going to have a few issues with hand-to-hand fighters suddenly needing guns. But that's something we'll find out about tomorrow when they reveal what the plan is. Also, gonna be interesting to see what they use for gliders, pickaxes, and accessories tied to them. Maybe we'll get lucky and the company decided to hook them up with a bunch of Capcom references. In any case, you can check out the trailer below as we wait patiently to find out exactly when both of those characters will drop in.

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