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Splinter Cell: Firewall: BBC Audio Drama Series, Debuts December 2nd
This is the closest to a new Splinter Cell story while we wait for a new video game in the series. "Splinter Cell: Firewall" key art: BBC "Veteran Fourth Echelon agent Sam Fisher has a new mission recruiting and training the next generation of Splinter Cell operatives for the NSA's covert action division, including his daughter Sarah[...]
Sam Fisher From Splinter Cell Joins Rainbow Six Siege
Ubisoft dropped some interesting news out of the blue today as Rainbow Six Siege will be getting Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell Every three months or so, the devs drop a new update into the game adding new operators, maps, content, updates, and more So we've kinda been waiting for a few weeks to see[...]
Navy SEAL Sam Fisher after being recruited by the NSA to work for the agency's mysterious Third Echelon division The video game would go on to worldwide success, proving a major financial success for Ubisoft and spawning six sequels and a slew of tie-in merchandising (novels, t-shirts, etc.) A film version of the video game[...]
Jack Ryan: Shadow Dullard – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh
The new movie seems to just land with a thud of utter cultural indifference. I can understand Hollywood hanging onto the rights to the Jack Ryan franchise and trying desperately to make a go of it in the hopes of getting a hit movie series out of it, but the sheer blandness of the character seems[...]