Savitar Revealed – Thoughts On Flash: I Know Who You Are

This article definitely contains spoilers for the Flash episode – I Know Who You Are.







Last night was the reveal of Savitar, but it was also all about relationships. Joe and Cecile moving to the next level, Cisco and Caitlin dealing with drastic changes and H.R. and Tracy with something new. The Flash, deep down, isn't a show about superpowers and punching. It's a show about hope and heart. And how even in the darkest times, love is something to be cherished. Joe (Jesse L Martin) is stunned when Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) says she loves him. Not because it's too soon, but because he knows the dangers in his life and doesn't want to put her at risk. He pushes her away and discovers dangers still exist.

Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) is no longer Caitlin, and Killer Frost seems to have no problem with taking on Team Flash. But, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) can't get past the fear of hurting his friend. He passes on two clean shots to take KF down and Julian (Tom Felton) calls him on it. Cisco tries to avoid the topic, but Julian pushes and finally convinces Cisco that there is nothing negative about his powers and that they come from a place of love. It was a bit heavy handed dialogue, but the idea that his stopping Killer Frost would be what Caitlin would want comes through.

And watching H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) trying to flirt with newcomer Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek) is actually kind of fun.

Which brings us back to the theme of love and loss, which is what lets Barry (Grant Gustin) finally figure out who Savitar is. The villain trying to destroy Barry is himself, from the future. There had been a lot of theories of who Savitar was and future Barry was on the list, but they "why" doesn't quite add up. Why would future Barry come back to torture himself and those he cared about? Why would he kill Iris West (Candice Patton)?  And what the heck happened to his face? I think whether or not this season "works" will come down to the writers giving us a believable motivation for future Barry to do all the things he's done.

We're down to three episodes left and I get where Cicso is coming from in this next episode… If Barry doesn't know what they're going to do, then Savitar won't either… but you had to know that it was going to go right.

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