Whatever Happened To Our Barry Allen?

This article contains spoilers for the Flash episode – Wrath of Savitar.






The Wrath of Savitar

This entire season is based on the decision Barry Allen made to go back and save his mom. And then when he had his mom and dad, he realized he would lose his powers and couldn't save people, so he put it back. But as Jay Garrick showed him, you can never un-break the coffee cup. Now the world is dealing with the fallout… and I think it's a lot bigger than what we've been lead to believe.

A quick recap of the show – Barry and Iris tell everyone of their engagement. Wally keeps seeing Savitar and Caitlin broke off a piece of the Philosopher's Stone so she could try to cure herself. They talk with Savitar twice through Julian and discover that the big bad is trapped in the Speed Force… which is strange because that's where they put the Philosopher's Stone. Wally gets Vibe to take him to the scene of Iris' death where he discovers why Barry proposed, then points it out in front of everyone that he did it to save Iris as she had no engagement ring in the future. Savitar keeps messing with Wally's head until he stills the piece of the stone Caitlin had and used his speed to open a portal and toss it through, thinking it would stop Savitar, but instead the portal sucks Wally in, allowing Savitar to escape. Wally is now trapped in the Speed Force.

Through all of this, we get to see a Barry Allen that is not likable. He's not the Barry of season one and two… and after losing both his parents and facing up against Reverse-Flash and Zoom… I think the guy being off is understandable. But this is more than that. He pushes Julian to channel Savitar twice, even though it terrifies Julian to do it. Barry pushes Wally to get faster, but chastises him for not telling them about the Savitar sightings and forces him out in fear that Savitar could be spying through him. Barry only proposed to Iris to try and save her. And the list goes on and on. He's not the Barry Allen that counts on his friends, that has hope no matter what… this is a very selfish Barry that thinks he knows what is best.

Savitar may have given us the answer last night. Twice he said: "I am the future, Flash.", but we don't get to see punctuation. So what if he was saying, "I am the future Flash." as in he is the Flash of the future? Savitar also said that Barry was the 'Big Bad' this time. Savitar knows everyone on Team Flash intimately and guided Julian Albert to find the stone and then move to Central City and work along side of Barry Allen. Maybe that's because Savitar IS Barry Allen from the future? Or a Barry Allen created by the alternating of the time lines? A Barry Allen that got trapped in the Speed Force after time was altered once again.

Then again, I could be completely wrong.

Next week Barry goes into the Speed Force to find Wally and we get the return of some familiar faces…


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