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Hang Dai's Christa Cassano On Ghetto Klown, Artists Against Police Brutality, and Schmuck
Along with her contribution to Seth Kushner's Schmuck, Christa has recently collaborated with other cartoonists in the Artist's Against Police Brutality anthology and with actor John Leguizamo on Ghetto Klown, a graphic novel about his life Ahead of Christa, John, and co-artist Shamus Beyale's book signing this upcoming Monday over at The Strand in New[...]
Brooklyn Street To Be Named For Seth Kushner, Writer & Pop Culture Photographer
This past weekend, news started appearing on social media that Pop Culture photographer and comics writer of Schmuck, Seth Kushner, would soon be honored by the posthumous dual-naming of the street he grew up on in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn as "Seth Kushner Way" Full details later emerged Kushner, who passed away in May at[...]
Jonathan Ames Introduces Schmuck As 'Funny, Honest, & Brave', Plus First Look
From one Brooklynite to another–award winning writer Jonathan Ames (whose new Starz show, Blunt Talk premiers in only 2 days on August 22nd starring Patrick Stewart), has written the introduction to the graphic novel Schmuck, which features the work of 22 indie cartoonists to tell the semi-autobio tale of Seth Kushner's quest for love It's[...]
Hang Dai Editions Teams With Alternative Comics, Announces 2015 Publications From Dean Haspiel, Seth Kushner, Gregory Benton, And Josh Neufeld
I'm looking forward to everything that comes out of their studio. Alternative Comics is an independent publisher of creator-owned graphic novels and comic books founded in 1993.  Managed by Marc Arsenault since 2012, Alternative has a wide range of publications in various comics styles and genres, and their graphic novels are distributed by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution and[...]
Things To Look Forward To In 2015: Seth Kushner's Schmuck Is Coming To Print
Hang Dai Editions, the collective publication label of several members of Hang Dai Studios in Gowanus, Brooklyn, announced today that the successfully Kickstarted graphic novel anthology comprised of the semi-autobio writings of Seth Kushner and the work of 22 indie comics artists, Schmuck would be going beyond its Kickstarter goal by reaching print distribution in[...]
When The Going Gets Tough: A Creator In Need Still Needs Our Help
So, please spread the word and be mindful of others, too, in the comics community who might need your help. Seth's work has included the ground-breaking book Leaping Tall Buildings, and beyond, taking some of the most striking photo-portraits of comics creators created to date, like these: [Robert Kirkman] [Joe Hill] [Frank Miller] [Neil Gaiman] He also successfully funded a Kickstarter[...]
Delete Blood Cancer At JHU Comics Benefit For Seth Kushner + Signing
We announced on Bleeding Cool a couple of weeks ago that award-winning pop culture photographer and comics creator of the recent Kickstarter success Schmuck, featuring the work of 22 major indie artists, Seth Kushner was diagnosed with rapid-onset Leukemia and undergoing his first round of chemo, after which Kushner received the difficult news that he[...]
Help Comics Creator Seth Kushner Hulk Smash Leukemia
For the past few weeks, friends and family have been processing the realization that award-winning pop culture photographer and comic writer of recently successful Kickstarter: Schmuck, Seth Kushner, was suddenly diagnosed with rapid onset Leukemia at the age of 40 Seth was having serious trouble recovering from a bad flu and a trip to the[...]