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Daredevil #319 Second Print $120 At Auction Already
But thirty years on, with many modern media properties steeped in the nineties, and a new revival in the aesthetic in current comic books, there is a newfound appreciation for the time period. And this is demonstrated today by the work of Dan Chichester and Scott McDaniel on Daredevil from 1993 At the time it was[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – From Purgatory To The Return of Scott McDaniel
Could whoever owns the Chaos Comics right have got in touch? Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #7 will now have interior pencils by Richard Ellis, not Steve Lieber. Action Comics #25 has Scott McDaniel, unannounced, penciling the back up strip, welcome news, we haven't seen him much since Static Shock was canned. Same with Jorge Lucas on Detective Comics[...]
Anatomy Lesson – Nightwing #25 – The Boys By Chuck Dixon And Scott McDaniel
Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: "The Boys" by Chuck Dixon & Scott McDaniel Excuse me if you've heard this before—but Chuck Dixon is the reason I write comics… It was his panel on the Ten Commandments of Comic Book Writing that provided the first true spark, diverting my attention away from a writing life of action[...]
The Final Static Shock Motion Trailer
Just consider it closure. Scott McDaniel's motion trailer for Static Shock #8, published by DC Comics on Wednesday By Marc Benandis, Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: STATIC SHOCK #8 ( Don't look at it as a comic book being cancelled[...]
Scott McDaniel Tells His Side Of The Static Shock Story
John Rozum recently talked about his problems as writer of Static Shock, citing that he was hardly writing the book, the actual work being split between artist Scott McDaniel and editor Harvey Richards, which is why he chose to walk off the book with issue 4, not wanting his name to be associated with work[...]
John Rozum Speaks Out Over Creative And Editorial Differences On Static Shock
The book's artist Scott McDaniel is credited for writing the subsequent two issues before Marc Bernadin was lined up for the final two comics in the series. Today, in the comments on a piece by Danny Donovan lamenting the cancellation of Static Shock, John Rozum wrote; Static definitely had the best potential of all DC Superheroes of[...]