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When Is A Graphic Novel Not A Graphic Novel? When It's A Stolen Cover
And who is the cover credited Culbard? Why that's comic creator INJ Culbard, who adapted The King In Yellow into a graphic novel from publisher Self Made Hero, available here.That's right, folks, the Create Space folk just stole the Self Made Hero cover for their reprint of the original short stories in prose Here's what[...]
Graphic Novel Preview: The Park By Oscar Zarate
These daye he mostly co-creates the "Graphic Guide" series with a number of writers, including Marxism, Freud, Existentialism,  Stephen Hawking, Quantum Theory and Machiavelli. Now he has a new work on the way, from British graphic novel publisher, Self Made Hero It's out in March in the US, but you can get it earlier, in mid[...]