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Teaser for Tommy Wiseau's 'Big Shark Movie' Hits. What. Even.
Filmmaker Tommy Wiseau has a new movie coming soon, and he treated a The Room audience at London's Prince Charles Theatre to a teaser for his next feature. Tommy WiseauPhoto by Kathy Hutchins / It's a shark movie A Big Shark Movie. German website Film Futter is who altered the interwebs, and Bloody Disgusting reader Mathias Bohner described the introduction by Wiseau as well as the footage: "The[...]
Jason Statham vs Largest Shark Ever in First Trailer For 'The Meg'
had my money when they announced they were turning Steve Alten's 1997 book "The Meg" into a movie.  Then, word came that it'd be Jason Statham in the lead, and I knew I was probably going to LOVE this film. I love shark movies, I don't care how bad they are, I'll see them.  I'll give pretty[...]