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Cammy's Covers – Bloodshot To 2000AD
Err, badass! Awfully badass, and manly, and…stuff. Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #3 by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts This cover really brings the room together, man Focusing on the continuing adventures of a young Silk Spectre in the swinging sixties, we witness young Laurie on her first drug trip it appears It's the colors that really standout,[...]
A Comic Shop – Before Watchmen, After Spider-Men, Batman Wins
My mind is racing with the implications. Beyond that, Before Watchmen Silk Spectre was a blast Amanda Conner's art is perfect for this! I'm really enjoying Darwin Cooke playing in this sandbox, and I know I'll love Azzarello and JMS too! Spider-MEN was so much fun as well, Bendis has a voice for Parker that I've missed[...]
The Queen Continues Her Assault On Comics In The UK
So if you're looking for Silk Spectre #1 or Spider-Men #1 on Wednesday morning, you'll be out of luck Again. Man, this is how it used to be in the old days… Bendis photo by Seth Kushner, from Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins Of American Comics. The Diamond Jubilee may be last week's news But the effects[...]
The Before Watchmen Reviews Are In. From Some People.
That being said, you'll be missing out on some truly solid material." So, what do people think of this sold material? Here are some snippets. Minutemen #1 IGN: The prize winner – as I expected – was Cooke's Minutemen, which brings his patented Golden Age influenced cartooning style to the era of the Watchmen Universe's earliest heroes like[...]
Amy E Genkins Gets In Touch Over Amanda Conner Watchmen 2 Artwork
I wasn't sure whether or not the Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts Silk Spectre II piece we ran yesterday was from the Watchmen prequel mini-series rumoured to be published by DC Comics or not. I'm sure it is now, of course. Yours and my favourite DC legal representative, Amy E Genkins has been on the e-mail this[...]
Sunday Trending Topics: The Silk Spectre Mystery
At this rate, this mystery could be very interesting by Groundhog Day next month. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Silk Spectre Art By Amanda Conner – Happy New Year So I get another late night phone call "Look in your inbox" The phone goes dead I only went to bed two hours ago, but I grab my iPad and take[...]
Silk Spectre Art By Amanda Conner – Happy New Year
I only went to bed two hours ago, but I grab my iPad and take a peek. Five minutes later I'm downstairs writing these words. Yes, folks, it's Amanda Conner's Silk Spectre II, an image of which just turned up in my inbox from an anonymous address Whether it has something to do with Watchmen 2, our[...]
Watchmen 2: Amanda Conner To Draw Silk Spectre
Sorry. We heard Amanda Conner was attached to the Watchmen prequel comic, being produced at DC Comics under the fake name "Panic Room", but it had been denied by those close to her. However, we've now received more confirmatory details, and in one form or other, it appears that Amanda Conner is drawing a Silk Spectre project[...]