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South Park: Denver Broncos Adds Cutouts to Stands in Game vs. Bucs
Sports arenas across the country are getting creative to accommodate social distancing in the stands The latest stunt comes from the Denver Broncos, where an entire section at their home at Empower Field at Mile High is filled with South Park townsfolk cutouts in advance of their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the[...]
DC Sends Social Distancing Posters to Comic Stores
Bleeding Cool has been having a regular look at DC Comics' social distancing messages, as featured in their comic books ever week – and noting which ones stand up to actual social distancing measures, and which are really weird Well, this week, DC has supplied stores with large poster versions of those messages, the one[...]
Green Lantern and Cyborg Make Social Distancing Work But Should They?
Last month, DC Comics ran a social distancing message with Bruce Wayne and his son Damian Wayne which seemed rather cold since they were family And may even live in the same mansion Two weeks ago saw a version featuring Superman and Wonder Woman raising even more interesting questions as Clark gets caught up in[...]
Regal Cinema Chain to Close All U.S. Theaters In Coronavirus Crisis
When the facilities open, the second-largest US-theater chain provided new guidelines implementing updated safety and health protocols to maintain social distancing in accordance with CDC regulations and other public health organizations Among the new features added to be a contactless payment While customers are already permitted to pay for tickets online, they'll now be granted[...]
Aziraphale and Crowley discuss their Good Omens: Lockdown time together, courtesy of Narrativia.
In the following exchange, we learn that even angels and demons need to abide by social distancing rules (even Crowley's not cruel enough to tempt people to go out) We also learn that Aziraphale's version of "smiting" involves a stern talking-to and lots of cake, and while we understand why Aziraphale shut down Crowley's offer[...]
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The book presents a future in which fear of contagion has led to a world where people live in hermetically-sealed apartments: social distancing has become complete social isolation The family unit never leaves, and only communicates with the outside world through virtual reality (called the Virt) and by use of delivery and servant drones Imagine[...]
killing eve
With everything going on with the coronavirus pandemic – from social distancing to self-quarantining – any chance at a quality "mental escape" is a welcome one (though we couldn't complain if the season dropped early). AMC One person not impacted by the whole "staying away from others" move is  Comer's Villanelle – consider her the kind of[...]