Ring of Honor Star Joe Hendry Doesn't Want to Catch Anything From Us

Ring of Honor's Joe Hendry is back with another catchy, and informative, parody music video. Hendry has been on a roll this week, releasing inspired music videos based off of popular hit songs from the late '90s and early 2000s. From his clever and catchy Tiger King song to his informative PSA about washing your hands, it seems like Hendry can do it all. And because the music wrestling Gods are smiling down on us, Hendry has blessed us with his new musical masterpiece, "I Don't Want to Catch Anything." Based on the Aerosmith power ballad "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" from 1998's Armageddon. I'm a fan of the original song, and Hendry's parody works extremely well.

Ring of Honor star Joe Hendry is back with a parody PSA video, courtesy of Joe Hendry.
Ring of Honor star Joe Hendry is back with a parody PSA video, courtesy of Joe Hendry.

The song is as catchy as the original, but also morbidly funny. Hendry croons his lines well, telling the listener every moment spent with you is a moment of terror. Though my favorite bit is when he sings about dreaming about her love, in the said dream he's running for his life. It's the little romantic touches that really make this parody soar. It also appears that Hendry shaved his beard for this video. The dedication and seriousness Hendry has for his art isn't to be mocked. In fact, his dedication should be celebrated.

Hendry got creative with his costumes and props, as he's filming. Like Dalton Castle, Hendry is not afraid to let the world know how creative he is. You can check out all of Hendry's work on his official YouTube channel, and yes you should absolutely subscribe. Aside from parody videos, Hendry talks about life as a wrestler and what it takes to become a professional wrestler. Interested in seeing Hendry in action? Head on over to the official Ring of Honor YouTube channel, where you can find matches from the ROH archives and more. Be sure to check out Bleeding Cool every day for new wrestling news, opinions, and content.

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