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There we were, about to run Aspen Press' June 2020 solicitations, with Soulfire: Exiled #2 and Fathom Vol 9 #3, when the word came through Aspen Press is to suspend all comic book publication indefinitely This is the first major comic book publisher to declare such action, but Bleeding Cool understands it won't be the[...]
'Soulfire' Returns to Aspen Comics in June with Krul and Forte
Veteran Soulfire writer J.T Krul and new illustrator Raffaele Forté are teaming up for all-new stories in the Soulfire saga this June! //Credit: Aspen Comics Soulfire is back with its biggest story-and greatest challenge to its heroes ever! Grace and Malikai have fought together to bring magic back to a world of technology, but now Grace is convinced[...]
Soulfire Vol. 7 #1 cover by Chahine Ladjouze and Wes Hartman
The man from the opening scene ambushes a magic master in Tokyo. Soulfire Vol 7 #1 cover by Chahine Ladjouze and Wes Hartman This is my first experience with Soulfire and its universe The mixture of cyberpunk futurism and mysticism is an interesting combination Also, giant rainbow-colored dragons are a good addition to any story. The characters aren't[...]
Aspen's Solicitations For November 2015 – Eternal Soulfire To Fathom Blue..
Krul, artist V Ken Marion, and colorist Juan Fernandez are proud to present the follow-up volume to Aspen's smash hit series – JIRNI! JIRNI vol 2 #4 is in stores November 11th, 2015! ETERNAL SOULFIRE #5 JT Krul – Story / Alex Konat – Art / Federico Blee – Colors Michael Turner's classic action-adventure series re-emerges with a[...]
Wondercon '15 – The Writers Journey – 'Finish What You Start'
Joining Easton was Tony Puryear (Concrete Park, the film Eraser), Erika Alexander (Concrete Park, Living Single), Marc Zicree (science-fiction author, Space Command), and Hannibal Tabu (Soulfire, Watson & Holmes). Easton started the hour appropriately enough with comparing breaking into the industry to be like a war zone and that having reliable intel was the key to[...]
Aspen Comics Talks New Titles At Long Beach Comic Expo
By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Founded in 2003 by Michael Turner, Aspen Comics is one of the larger publishers on the West Coast with their flagship titles being the long-running series, Fathom and Soulfire Saturday afternoon several of the publishers' key personnel were on hand for the Official Aspen Comics Long Beach[...]
Aspen Launches Soulfire #1 In November
Consistently, they have been the only non-premier publisher to get consistent comics in that Top 100, month after month. In November, they do it with Soulfire, and pretty much a guaranteed Top 100 spot alongside it Here is that solicitation, and the other books out for the month. ALL NEW SOULFIRE #1 (W) J T Krul (A/CA)[...]
BC Mag #2: Triumph Over Tragedy
"His creations, Fathom and Soulfire, are the flagships of our company, and how he conducted himself personally and in business still factor into our decisions." You can find the full article in Bleeding Cool Magazine #2 at a comics retailer near you  Here is the Bleeding Cool Directory of retailers who have shown special support to[...]