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Worst Cooks in America logo (Image: Food Network)
On Tuesday, Ariel Robinson, age 29, and her husband Jerry Robinson were charged in the death of their 3-year-old adopted child in South Carolina, with the couple facing counts of homicide in the death After the tapings wrapped, Ariel Robinson also brought three foster children into the family in March 2020 (though the children's status[...]
Comics Professionals Talk Geek Revolution at South Carolina Comicon
They are not hiding away in their basements doing some 'geeky thing' because if they can't draw they can put on a costume and do some of the terrific stuff I see the cosplayers doing." South Carolina native Sanford Greene agrees As the current artist on Marvel's Power Man and Iron Fist, he knows the chance[...]
How Cosplay Looks Down At South Carolina Comic Con
Jonathan Rich reported from South Carolina Comic Con for Bleeding Cool, To misquote the original Star Wars trilogy: "the cosplay force was strong at SC Comicon." Even legendary comic book artist Neal Adams commented on the number of people from all walks of life dressing up as their favorite comic book and sci-fi characters at the TD[...]
Neonomicon Banned In South Carolina
Back in June, a South Carolina library pulled their copy of Neonomicon from the adultbookshelves, after a 14 year old girl withdrew it using her mother's library card, and her mother complained. Yup. Learning of the library's decision to remove the book this month, Acacia O'Connor, project coordinator for the Kids' Right to Read Project, said that[...]
A Very Womanthology Weekend
To help promote the upcoming Womanthology graphic anthology, Acme Comics of Greensboro, North Carolina will be running a bit of a moving signing this
Stephen Colbert To Host Herman Cain Primary Rally Tomorrow
We've been following Stephen Colbert's rather amusing mockery of the US election protests, his Super PAC and now his possible attempt to stand for President of the USA of South Carolina even though he is not on the ballot, with glee. But I really wish I was in South Carolina on Friday Which is where Colbert[...]
Stephen Colbert Super PAC Ad Labels Mitt Romney A Serial Killer
The Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC has released a new ad, ahead of Stephen Colbert trying to run for Republican candidate in the South Carolina primary, even though he's not actually on the ballot and they don't accept write-in votes. Entitled Attack In B Minor For Strings, the release states; "Mitt Romney claims to be[...]