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"GreedFall" Releases A New Launch Trailer
Working with the development team Spiders, you can see a lot of work went into making this world where you travel to a new island filled with mystery and treasures Also politics and death, lots of death Will you help the land you are now a part of or continue your conquest of it? Enjoy[...]
Focus Home Interactive Releases Gameplay Footage Of "GreedFall"
Before Focus Home Interactive and Spiders releases GreedFall next month, we got a new extended video showing off the game This is a full 14 minutes of footage that will give you an idea of what you're getting yourself into It shows off some mechanics, a bit of the story, and a few of the[...]
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Focus Home Interactive and Spiders brought a new trailer to Gamescom 2019 for GreedFall, introducing the Companions aspect of the game As part of the storyline, you'll get a couple of people from different factions who can accompany you on your journey Kind of like how Mass Effect works by bringing in specific people who[...]
"GreedFall" Receives A New Massive Gameplay Overview Trailer
With the release of GreedFall about a month away, indie developer Spiders and Focus Home Interactive have released a brand new gameplay trailer This time around, however, they go into greater detail about what you can do in the game and how to achieve your own personal goals Enjoy the description and the video below[...]
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Focus Home Interactive, Spiders, and Maximum Games have finally given their upcoming game GreedFall a proper release date The game will be coming out this fall on September 10th, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One The game has been teased for over a year now since E3 2018, and while we've seen cutscenes and[...]
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This morning, Spiders and Focus Home Interactive released a new story trailer for GreedFall ahead of them being at E3 this year If you ever want to be slapped right in the face about what old-school colonialism was all about, this is probably going to be a trailer you will despise But it's also got[...]