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America #12 cover by Joe Quinones
There are complications to this fight with La Legion. America #12 art by Stacey Lee and Jordan Gibson A cavalcade of artists was brought aboard for this final issue Stacey Lee, Annie Wu, and Flaviano ply their trade to this comic Each one has a strong and distinctive style, even if they aren't complementary of one another[...]
Silk Gets On-Going Series From Robbie Thompson And Stacey Lee
Art for the series will be provided by Stacey Lee and covers by Dave Johnson.   [Source:] The other female led Spider-verse on-going announced today at the Marvel Spider-Verse panel is Silk Robbie Thompson will be writing the tales of Cindy Moon, the other teenager bitten by the radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers[...]
Boom! Announces Uber Stylish Spy-Fi Series Steed And Mrs. Peel
Culbard on Selfmade Hero's well received series of Sherlock Holmes graphic novels. Artist Marco Cosentino of Grimm Fairy Tales and cover artist Stacey Lee join Edginton in bringing these two iconic Avengers characters to a new medium It's a return to the roots of spy fiction grounded in iconic style and witty dialogue drawing on[...]