Eric Andre in his new stand-up special "Legalize Everything" (Image: Netflix)

Eric Andre Has a Problem with COPS and It Starts with the Theme Song

Case-in-point? Eric Andre and his first stand-up special Legalize Everything, set to premiere on Netflix on June 23 With slightly less than two weeks before it hits the streamer, Netflix released a clip that hits on another but of timely news from this week: Paramount Network canceling COPS ahead of its 33rd season In the[...]

8:46 - Dave Chappelle (Image: Netflix)

Dave Chappelle Drops Free Special 8:46, Addresses George Floyd Killing

In what comes across more as an important comedic conversation than a stand-up special, Chappelle opens up about the death of several other black men at the hands of police, such Michael Brown in Missouri, Trayvon Martin in Florida, and Eric Garner in New York City; and called out the media for its past coverage[...]


"Tosh.0" Nets 4 Season Renewal; Daniel Tosh Signs Overall Deal with Comedy Central for Scripted, Unscripted

Comedy Central's Monika Zielinska is the executive in charge of production. “It is a testament to Daniel’s creative genius and expertise as a producer that he can keep a series thriving for 16 seasons while juggling stand-up projects, touring, and new-series development Through this Tosh.0 extension and first-look deal with Daniel, we are excited to keep[...]

Kidding's Jim Carrey No Fan of Louis C.K.'s Parkland Shooting "Jokes" (OPINION)

So when stand-up comic Louis C.K chose to make Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, and others the focus of one of his jokes during, the actor/comedian joined a chorus of others who wouldn't let the comedian's comments go unchecked.[caption id="attachment_931764" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Showtime[/caption]During a recent stand-up performance (part of his attempt to resurrect his career after admitting in[...]


The Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 Best of 2018 Countdown: #2 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

"Television is becoming a collage – there are so many channels that you move through them making a collage yourself. In that sense, everyone sees something a bit different." – David Hockney There was a time when working for television was labelled a "demotion," a professional death sentence for movie stars whose careers were on […]

Michelle Wolf's Looking to 'Break' Late-Night in New Netflix Series Trailer

When the preview trailer for a new series ends with a righteously optimistic and uplifting line such as, "The point is, we're all gonna die", it tends to grab people's attention. Comedian and former The Daily Show correspondent Michelle Wolf is no stranger to grabbing that attention: the White House Correspondents' Dinner performer is taking […]

ricky gervais

Ricky Gervais Sets Second Stand-Up at Netflix Ahead of 'Humanity'

Having previously bought the rights to his current stand-up comedy tour Humanity, the streaming service has also secured the rights to his next, as-yet-unnamed stand-up show.Filmed in London's Eventim Apollow and set to premiere in the early part of 2018, Humanity is only the recent example of the offerings Netflix has had for Gervais fans[...]

Dave Chappelle Criticizes Louis C.K.'s Accusers in Netflix Special

Comedian Dave Chappelle didn't pull punches when taking on Louis C.K.'s recent sexual harassment allegations in his most recent Netflix special. In Dave Chappelle: Equanimity & The Bird Revelation, the comedian carved out nearly ten minutes of his act to cover a number of aspects of the allegations — and making the decision to call out […]

Dave Chappelle Talks Trump Supporters in NSFW Netflix Clip

His new Netflix stand-up special Dave Chappelle: Equanimity is set to arrive on New Year's Eve, so the streaming service has released a preview that has the comedian giving his perspective on what it was like voting alongside Donald Trump supporters and the interactions he had with them.Here's the pretty-much-NSFW clip from Dave Chappelle: Equanimity, debuting December[...]

Def Comedy Jam 25: Netflix Trailer Celebrates Cutting-Edge Comedy

For 25 years, creator and producer Russell Simmons's Def Comedy Jam was the comedy show for some of the best and brightest comics performing raw, cutting-edge stand-up To commemorate its influence on today's comedy scene, Netflix has released the official trailer for Def Comedy Jam 25: a comedy special that brings back a number of comedians to celebrate the show’s past and set a[...]

'Jerry Before Seinfeld' Trailer: The Comedian Goes Home For Netflix Special

For his first Netflix stand-up special Jerry Before Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld is going back home to where his comedy roots first took hold: New York City's The Comic Strip.As we can see from the new trailer released on Tuesday, the comedian finds himself splitting time between preparing for an intimate stand-up set at the famed[...]

def comedy jam

'Def Comedy Jam': Netflix Producing 25th Anniversary All-Star Special

For two and a half decades, creator and producer Russell Simmons's Def Comedy Jam was the comedy show to watch if you wanted to see some of the best and brightest in cutting-edge comedy. To commemorate, Netflix is producing Def Comedy Jam 25, a comedy special that will bring back a number of comedians to celebrate […]