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Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
Successfully and unpredictable, he is the very definition of the words commercial and artist, and with Liam Sharp and Steve Oliff did a lot of good with Green Lantern in 2019 and into 2020 – until the reboot happens, of course. Kelly Sue DeConnick (Down) Writer of Aquaman, Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly, a strong voice[...]
Stanley Lau's Metropolis Lifestyle Magazine Covers
How would a magazine industry that often objectifies and sexualises women on the covers of magazines in order to sell them, but inevitably contributes to the very culture that creates such objectification and sexualisation, cope in a world of superhuman-powered women with the ability to take a wide lens and insert it forcibly into anyone[...]
Nine Glorious Pages From October's A1 Annual
Gilbert, Sandy Plunkett, Scott Hampton, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave Johnson, Garry Leach, Stanley Lau, Toby Cypress, Dave Elliott, Barnaby Bagenda, Norman Felche, Alex Shiekman, Mark Kneece, Dominic Regan, Madeline Holly-Rosing, Emily Hu, Sakti Yuwono, Jessica Kholinne, Bambos Georgiou and more 176 oversized pages, $23, get in there. Island in the Sky – written by JOE SIMON, penciled[...]