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Noah Hawley to Write and Direct "Star Trek 4"
Still, while having a large and dedicated following, Star Trek never really managed to get fans outside of people who were already going to be into something like Star Trek. L-R: The official posters for Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), and Star Trek Beyond (2016) Credit: Paramount Pictures The 2009 movie changed that, and[...]
Star Trek: Chris Pine Optimistic About Film Franchise Future
Commander Montgomery Scott in the Kelvin Universe films, admitted the cast still stays in contact together, but not in a hurry to follow up Star Trek Beyond (2016) given Pavel Chekov actor Anton Yelchin's death "One thing I did mention when I spoke about it recently is that for us, losing Anton Yelchin the way[...]
Zachary Quinto Talks Star Trek 4 and the Cast Would Return
Then Star Trek Beyond came out four years ago and while it was the best of the new movies so far it did not do well at the box office It wasn't a bomb but it didn't do great either and with the untimely death of Anton Yelchin following the movie and the cast it was[...]
Zachary Quinto Says There Are Apparently (at least) 3 Scripts for 'Star Trek' 4
Zachary Quinto recently spoke with Canadian ET (as in Entertainment Tonight Canada, not a Spielberg remake filmed entirely in Vancouver) about the future of a certain little space franchise called Star Trek. LOS ANGELES – JUL 20: Zachary Quinto arrives to the "Star Trek Beyond" U.S Premiere on July 20, 2016 in San Diego, CADFree / Specifically, NuSpock spoke[...]
Kaitlyn's Top Eleven Movies Of 2016
Star Trek Beyond After two false starts the revamped Star Trek series finally gets the great movie we all knew was in there With a story that felt straight out of old school Trek and the way the plot split up the team into groups that were extremely entertaining (Spock/Bones), this feels like the fresh start[...]
Doug Jones And Anthony Rapp Join The Cast of 'Star Trek: Discovery'
Sulu was revealed to be gay in this year's movie Star Trek Beyond." The common outcry from fans when a character is changed from the original canon, such as Sulu, is to say that we should make new original characters It appears that Rapp will be playing a new character who is gay The thing[...]
Rogue One Trailer Sabotaged
Someone must've really liked the use of Sabotage from the Beastie Boys in Star Trek Beyond Because here we have the latest Rogue One: A Star Wars Story being remixed with the song from 1994 and it works remarkably well Though personally I would've went with the Krokus version of Ballroom Blitz for this trailer.[...]
Kirk Is At A Crossroads – New Star Trek Beyond Featurette
In the latest featurette for Star Trek Beyond, the cast and crew talk about Captain James T Kirk (Chris Pine) and where he is before all hell breaks loose Being the captain of the USS Enterprise is a big job and it can leave one lonely and unsure. Star Trek Beyond opens tomorrow. can't be loaded because[...]
Star Trek Beyond
Three years later and Star Trek Beyond finds Abrams still signing the checks as Executive Producer, but we have writer Simon Pegg and director Justin Lin having taken the helm back into surer waters. Where Abrams was a self-avowed non-fan of the franchise (and it showed during Darkness), we now have Pegg and Lin who both have long been known to[...]
J J Abrams Says Chekov Won't Be Recast After Death Of Anton Yelchin
With this weekend's release of Star Trek Beyond, producer J.J Abrams who directed the first two films, is out doing press for the movie With the recent announcement that a fourth film will be happening, how would the franchise handle the death of Anton Yelchin who played Pavel Chekov Abrams addressed the issue with the[...]
Star Trek Beyond Featurette Focuses On Jaylah
One of the characters that fans are most looking forward to in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond is Jaylah played by Sofia Boutella She's an interesting addition to the crew Besides being an alien species, she's a strong, determined woman with a knowledge of mechanical engineering that impresses Mr Scott (Simon Pegg) But she's also[...]
New Clip From Star Trek Beyond Shows The Enterprise May Be In Trouble
We've got a new clip from Star Trek Beyond as the Enterprise arrives at a Class M planet and there is an interesting looking alien on the bridge with them We learn from Mr Spock that the planet's life forms all seem to live underground, but then a ship appears and it seems like it's[...]
Idris Elba Introduces Us To Krall From Star Trek Beyond
In this new featurette, Elba introduces us to the blue skinned alien, but it has to be more than just he had a beef with the Federation, so we hear from Simon Pegg and Justin Lin on what they were looking for a in a bad guy. Star Trek Beyond opens July 22nd. [youtube][/youtube] [...]