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Rebellion Battle Of Britain Garth Ennis
Promised last year, now coming to fruition, a Battle Of Britain Special with Garth Ennis, Keith Burns, Alex De Campi, Glenn Fabry, Staz Johnson, PJ Holden, Alan Grant, Alan Hebden, Dan Abnett, Rob Williams and many more, celebrating the classic British war comic, Battle, that very much set the space for 2000AD. Garth Ennis & Glenn[...]
From History Channel To Comic Shops, A Preview Of Titan's Vikings #1
Vikings #1 by Cavan Scott and Staz Johnson follows along as Ragnar, Lagertha and their kin sail once more for England. Vikings #1 Writer: Cavan Scott Artist: Staz Johnson Publisher: Titan Comics FC – 32PP – $3.99 – On Sale: April 27 From the chronicles of the History Channel's truly epic series, Vikings, comes a new saga of glory and plunder![...]