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Animated Leonardo da Vinci Film Adds Daisy Ridley and Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry will voice da Vinci, while Star Wars heroine Daisy Ridley will voice French Princess Marguerite The film will "follow the life of the insatiably curious and headstrong inventor as he leaves Italy to join the French court, where he can experiment freely, inventing flying contraptions, incredible machines, and studying the human body There,[...]
Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Sacha Dhawan as The Master - Doctor Who _ Season 12, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: James Pardon/BBC Studios/BBC America
Stephen Fry in his one brief appearance He probably won't be back If you saw the first episode of the season, you'll know why Do you know he played a renegade Time Lord in the BBC 2001 audio drama Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time? That was a totally noncanonical story that killed off the[...]
Here's The 2018 BAFTA Nominations, And Joanna Lumley Is Hosting
23/01/2013 Credit: Steve Vas  Shutterstock It also turns out that Joanna Lumley is going to be hosting this year's ceremony, taking over from previous host Stephen Fry, who steps down after 12 years of duties.   Lumley taking over was announced today along with the list of nominations for this year's crop of eligible hopefuls. Let's take a look shall we- BEST[...]
Unofficial Doctor Who Spin-Off Minister Of Chance May Become A Feature Film
Podcast series The Minister of Chance looks set to become a feature film, if fans donate the £30000 required in order to make it. The show is an unofficial spin-off of the character, then voiced by Stephen Fry, who first appeared in the Doctor Who audio drama Death Comes To Time. Julian Wadham took over the role for the unofficial[...]
Stephen Fry And Hugh Laurie Are Planning Something
It's generally safe to assume that Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are always planning something, being the expert chess players that they are, but new evidence has arisen that the old friends might be pooling their collective talent once more and indulging in some cooperative planning By "new evidence", I of course mean a tweet. [blackbirdpie[...]
The BBC's New Borrowers – A Perfect Christmas Present?
A couple of weeks ago, Brendon told us about a new screen version of The Borrowers, a modernisation which would feature Stephen Fry Fry had let slip that it would be filmed before he embarked for New Zealand and The Hobbit Today comes more information from the BBC, which will screen the  film at Christmas[...]
The Hobbit Joined By Luke Evans And Benedict Cumberbatch
Two more names have been added to the cast of The Hobbit, to join the recent additions of National Treasure Stephen Fry as well as Orlando Bloom. Deadline has revealed that Luke Evans is to play Bard A character that is: somewhat reminiscent of the action-hero exploits of Viggo Mortensen's Aragorn Evans is probably best known for his[...]