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Supergirl Season 3: What is the Valley of Juru?
It was created by Steve Gerber and Gene Colan in the pages of Phantom Zone #3 (1982) as a region of Krypton where a group of mystics lives called the Wizards of Juru These were sorcerer Kryptonians that kept mostly to themselves and were more legend and lore to the rest of the society[...]
Mark Waid Restores Steve Gerber's Origin For Howard The Duck To The Marvel Universe
During his landmark initial run, Howard's creator Steve Gerber had the down-and-out duck hailing from a world of talking animals, but all that changed when Gerber was kicked off the book and Disney flashed a lawsuit Now, after decades of backstory fumbling, Mark Waid has reinstated Howard's point of origin in a one-shot issue of[...]
Speculator Corner: Steve Gerber's Foolkiller
I noted that the day before Marvel announced the return of Angela that there was a run on copies of Spawn #9, for example. Well, right now, people are hoovering up copies of the comic book Foolkiller, published by Marvel in the early nineties.   Created by writer Steve Gerber, the character first appeared in the pages of 1974's Man-Thing[...]
Co-Creator Of Howard The Duck, Val Mayerik, Talks About Guardians Of The Galaxy
Steve would have gotten a real charge out of seeing that, finally, he's gotten his due. Regarding the controversial Void Indigo series, which he also created with Steve Gerber: VM:  Looking back at Void Indigo, it's a really interesting story…and I don't know what the status of this property is in terms of Steve's estate, but if it[...]
Howard The Duck Omnibus Returns To Print And Digital
Howard The Duck has always had an infamous history from the changes demanded by Disney years ago, to issues between Marvel and co-creator Steve Gerber to the 1986 George Lucas flop (the second lowest grossing film in Marvel history, barely beating out Punisher: War Zone) But the character is loved by fans and the ominbus[...]
Robert Stanley Martin Collects The Marvel Comics Vs. Steve Gerber Paperwork
Disney owns Marvel, bought for around four billion dollars. But a few decades ago the relationship was rather different, as Disney sued Marvel over their publication of Howard The Duck, an unlikely cult hit comic book, rather mature for its time, even if it had a walking talking duck trapped in the Marvel Universe. But there was[...]
Four-Color Roots Part 1: The Toyetic Age (1985-1989)
Joe as well, and legend of bizarre comics writing Steve Gerber served as a story editor on the series, contributing mind-bending episodes like "There's No Place Like Springfield," a two-parter in which Shipwreck finds himself inside a perfect but ultimately empty and disorienting fantasy world that's really a front for Cobra to extract military secrets[...]