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Supergirl Season 3: What is the Valley of Juru?

If you ask anyone what is Superman's biggest weakness, just about everyone is going to say kryptonite and that would be true for both the Man of Steel and for Supergirl. But a close second is magic. And while the Arrowverse has been diving into the concept of magic over the last couple season, it […]

Mark Waid Restores Steve Gerber's Origin For Howard The Duck To The Marvel Universe

Cap Blackard of The Nerdy Show writes for Bleeding Cool, If you've seen the much maligned Howard the Duck film or read any Howard the Duck stories published since 1979, you're probably familiar with the concept of Duckworld. You know, an alternate Earth where everyone is ducks and everything is duck-themed: Ducktor Strange, Bloomingducks, etc, […]

Speculator Corner: Steve Gerber's Foolkiller

Sometimes it's wise to watch the not-so-invisible hand of the market. Before certain announcements, some folk decide to corner the market in back issues of a particular product. I noted that the day before Marvel announced the return of Angela that there was a run on copies of Spawn #9, for example. Well, right now, […]

Co-Creator Of Howard The Duck, Val Mayerik, Talks About Guardians Of The Galaxy

Moises Chiullan co-hosts a podcast, Giant Size, recently welcoming  fellow Austin, Texas local Val Mayerik to his home to record an episode. Which also included his first comments on the appearance of a certain feathered friend in Guardians of The Galaxy. Moises Chiullan: Were you aware of this at all? Val Mayerik: No. MC: Have you seen it? VM: Yes, […]

Howard The Duck Omnibus Returns To Print And Digital

Howard The Duck has always had an infamous history from the changes demanded by Disney years ago, to issues between Marvel and co-creator Steve Gerber to the 1986 George Lucas flop (the second lowest grossing film in Marvel history, barely beating out Punisher: War Zone). But the character is loved by fans and the ominbus […]

Robert Stanley Martin Collects The Marvel Comics Vs. Steve Gerber Paperwork

Disney owns Marvel, bought for around four billion dollars. But a few decades ago the relationship was rather different, as Disney sued Marvel over their publication of Howard The Duck, an unlikely cult hit comic book, rather mature for its time, even if it had a walking talking duck trapped in the Marvel Universe. But there […]

Four-Color Roots Part 1: The Toyetic Age (1985-1989)

By Christopher Smith In the first installment of this ongoing column series, Christopher Smith takes us on a tour through his own back pages as a comics fan, going down unexpected dark alleys and diversions. Focusing only on the comics and pop-cultural touchstones he experienced at the time, he reconsiders their influence and impact from […]

Why Can't Howard Look A Little More Like Donald Now?

Here's a preview to the new Fearsome Four comic by Brandon Montclare, Ryan Bodenheim and Michael Kaluta, a reactive title to the Fear Itself crossover gripping the Marvel universe. In which Howard The Duck is looking even less like Donald Duck than usual. In case we forget, this is how Howard appeared earlier in his […]