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Two Thousand Archie Comics Collection Stolen In Philadelphia
It's probably the one that was stolen from me." He later told Bleeding Cool; "Overnight on November 13th, the Extra Space Storage on 12005 Roosevelt Blvd was burglarized 28 storage units, including mine, were impacted Of all the stuff that was taken from my unit (which also included some Christmas ornaments, Star Wars figures and Blu-rays/DVDs),[...]
TheftWatch: Rob Liefeld New Mutants Cover Stolen 30 Years Ago
And a cover for New Mutants #90 that he inked from a very long time ago. Scott Williams posted to social media, "This is the only piece of art I've ever had stolen Taken from Homage Studios office sometime in 1992 or 93, this is the New Mutants #90 cover I inked over Rob Liefeld, and[...]
Sometimes comic books get stolen Bleeding Cool does what it can to get the word out. The following books were stolen from Tomorrow's Treasures at Wizard Chicago Comic Con on Saturday, August 24th. Action Comics #19 CGC 7.5 Daredevil #1 (1941) CGC 4.5 Daredevil #1 (1964) CGC 4.5 Detective Comics #144 CGC 9.0 Mystery In Space #4 CGC 9.4 Amazing Spider-Man #1[...]
Fourteen Comics Worth $42,000  Stolen From Mile High in Denver
Whoever took our books did leave the first item (McFarlane original art) on the list below behind… The list is as follows: New Mutants #98 NM ($960) Atom #1 VG ($999) Amazing Adventures #4 VG ($454) Avengers #1 G ($7350) Tales To Astonish #54 F ($252) Iron Man #1 F ($1715) Amazing Spider-Man #129 Signed Gerry Conway NM ($7350) Thor #109 F ($772) Fantastic Four[...]
Jim Wheelock's Comics Collection Stolen In Brattleboro, Vermont
He also said he sold stolen goods at flea markets in Hubbardston and Agawam, MA He can no longer access the building. He told police that he had a comics collection himself Obviously, it might be mine. I live in Los Angeles, California I had a friend go in and dig through the rubble. It looks like my[...]
8000 Comics Stolen In Eagle Rock, Los Angeles Last Night. Have You Been Made An Offer?
Adam Rose writes to tell us that his collection of over eight thousand comic was stolen from a garage in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles last night. Fourteen long boxes that included, amongst others, Complete Web of Spiderman, X-Factor (original run) Death in the Family Dark Knight Returns West Coast Avengers Avengers Amazing Spiderman Grant Morrison's JLA All New X-men All Star Superman The Filth Sub-Mariner #1 Captain America including[...]
Reward For Stolen Luther Arkwright Page By Bryan Talbot
Have you seen this page from The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright, by Bryan Talbot? About twenty years ago, it was stolen while on loan for an exhibition In all that time it's not resurfaced for sale It may well be hanging on someone's wall, sold on from person to person, so Bleeding Cool is asking if[...]
When Your Ex Takes Your Comic Collection…
When any long term romantic relationship breaks down, splitting up your possessions can be just as hard as splitting up your lives. As British Bleeding Cool reader Alan Nolan relates; My comic collection has been stolen by my ex-girlfriend It consists of three thousand comics, mainly Marvel, DC from 2000 0nwards, but some indies and some stuff[...]
Frank Frazetta And Arthur Suydam Artwork Stolen
Two pieces of artwork were stolen from Arthur Suydam's studio it seems Firstly, this full colour gouche painting, Alien Genocide, by Arthur Suydam And secondly this ink sketch, Little Devil If you know the whereabouts of either, you can contact, 212 475 4840     Two pieces of artwork were stolen from Arthur Suydam's studio[...]
Starro Stolen At Wizard World Ohio
A copy of Brave And The Bold #28 graded CGC 8.5 and valued at $10,000 and a Fantastic Four #5 8.0 were stolen from two different vendors this Saturday within minutes of each other, at Wizard World Mid Ohio. Selling one of these on its own might be suspicios, anyone trying to sell both togetehr should[...]
STOLEN: Nine Mike Deodato Conan Paintings
A bunch of Mike Deodato cover paintings for Conan, were created for a Brazilian publisher in the nineties but were never returned to him are showing up in the marketetplace for sale. Treat them as stolen artwork if you come across them Because that's what they are. One has been found here, another here They have, it[...]
Stolen: Inkwell Awards Books
Bob Almond writes about a theft of work stolen during delivery by USPS Has anyone encountered anyone trying to sell these items? STOLEN! Got back parcels of our Inkwell Awards materials following Heroes Con from the USPS and one box was empty although it had the stamp for $13.44 and had been resealed Problem is we[...]