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Boys of New York #749, December 21, 1889, published by Frank Tousey.
283 January 31, 1874, and referenced an 1889 article that discussed story paper circulation in that era.  A "story paper" is simply an illustrated weekly periodical that features fiction, in what we think of as a newspaper format.  The serials featured in story papers were often collected into complete stories called libraries, in a stapled-together[...]
The Issue: Street & Smith's 1875 Avengers of the Wasteland
10 January 11, 1875 published by Street & Smith At a glance, The Two Avengers; The Masked Robber of the Death Ranch in the January 11, 1875 issue of New York Weekly seems to be a typical example of a blood and thunder tale of masked frontier bandits that one might find in any number of story papers[...]
The Doctor Strange Of 1867
I bought this for cheap on a whim recently, because the image is so interesting, but it turned out to be far more fascinating than I thought it might be.