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Margaret Stohl & The Life of Captain Marvel | Marvel's Storyboards
With only one episode to go on the first season of Marvel Entertainment's Marvel's Storyboards, series host and Marvel Entertainment EVP and Creative Director Joe Quesada (Marvel's Hero Project, Marvel 616) continues to explore the origin stories and inspirations of storytellers across all mediums, backgrounds, and experiences at their favorite spots throughout New York City and beyond[...]
gotg animated series
You've seen the cartoons! Now see mostly black and white drawings that preceded the cartoons! Try to contain your excitement while you watch these videos: my first in-house storyboards for the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series~ — Grace Liu (@rawrgyle) August 6, 2017 and more Drax gets beat up a lot in this episode[...]
Camera One To Return Dune Production Artwork To The Estate Of Moebius
As well as his many personal credits, Jean-Marc Lofficier worked with Moebius – Jean Giraud – extensively over their lives, including translating many of his works into English. Which is why it seems so fitting that he should choose to translate and analyse a French legal decision regarding the estate of Jean Giraud and a French film[...]
Two Sets Of Storyboards For Doctor Who: Into The Dalek
First, the Spike Milliganish storyboards from Doctor Who: Into The Dalek director Ben Wheatley. And in comparison, the more polished storyboards of James Iles. Including how the Dalek antibodies were oruginally supposed to look and act…. First, the Spike Milliganish storyboards from Doctor Who: Into The Dalek[...]