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Showrunner Steven Moffat joined the event and even wrote a new introductory video featuring Dan Starkey as the Sontaran Strax. The event proved so successful that a second global re-watch event was announced "Rose", the first episode of the new show from 2005 drew showrunner Russell T Davies, who also wrote both a prequel and a[...]
doctor who
He also wrote a new introductory scene that featured Dan Starkey playing the Sontaran Strax and a voice cameo from Neve MacIntosh as Madame Vastra. Russell T Davies' Twitter handle will be named on Thursday In the meantime, here's something else to look forward to… Rose: The Prequel is on its way! 🌹 #TripofaLifetime #DoctorWho — Emily[...]
It featured actor Dan Starkey reprising the role of Sontaran Strax from the Paternoster gang Neve MacIntosh, who played Madame Vastra, also contributed a voice cameo. Moffat reactivated his Twitter account to provide a running commentary as he watched His retelling of the writing and production process provide a lot of insights into how the show[...]
Twelve Thoughts About Doctor Who: Deep Breath
And so mirrors for the Doctor, and the reflective silver tea tray returns as well, carried by Strax, and used on the cyborg Reflection here is a weapon, one that he uses on himself as well as on others. 10 Another Scot In Paradise The appearance of Michelle Gomez as Missy – or according to the BBC –[...]