"Doctor Who": Russell T. Davies Releasing "Rose" Prequel Before Rewatch

The worldwide fan rewatch of 2005's "Rose" – the first new return episode of Doctor Whotakes place at 7 p.m. U.K. time this Thursday March 26th – and there's a special guest who will be joining the festivities. Showrunner Russell T. Davies will join the rewatch and livet-weet the show, and he has promised special extras to sweeten the event.

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Radiotimes.com reported that Davies will be releasing what he calls "Rose: The Prequel" before the fan rewatch event launches later this week.

Of note, Davies revisited "Rose" back in 2018 when he wrote the novel adaptation of the story for Target Books' new series of novels.

The global fan rewatch events are the brainchild of Doctor Who Magazine writer Emily Cook. She pitched a re-watch of the 50th Anniversary Special "The Day of the Doctor" to take place last Saturday. Showrunner and writer Steven Moffat agreed to join the rewatch and livetweet his memories of the production. He also wrote a new introductory scene that featured Dan Starkey playing the Sontaran Strax and a voice cameo from Neve MacIntosh as Madame Vastra.

The Saturday event was a rousing success, and brought joy and a sense of connection to fans around the world who were self-isolating from the coronavirus pandemic. Fans can join the rewatch event by streaming "Rose" or playing the DVD and join the livetweet event with the hashtags #TripofaLifetime and #DoctorWho.

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