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Looks Like 'Mr. Robot' Season 4 is "F"ing with NYC's Subway System
Robot would be filming a 2015 Christmas scene on Friday, March 15, that will run into the early hours Saturday – with filming preperation started on Tuesday, March 12. Hmmm… Now the Hollywood shenanigans continue with a fake subway stop! EV Grieve Yes indeed – this is television folks: where the emotions can be real, but little else is –[...]
MTA 7 Subway Outage Havoc For NYCC And BTS Events
The MTA have suspended the 7 subway line in the city this weekend for "signal modernization" If you are attending New York Comic Con or the BTS concert at Citi Field, make sure that you are aware in advance and have an alternate route The nearest alternative (wheelchair accessible) station to the con is the[...]
New York Comic Con Gets A Subway Station, Just In Time
The Javits Center, home to the New York Comic Con and Special Edition: NYC, is blocks and blocks and blocks away from anything resembling a subway station. Until this weekend When the 34th and 11th Subway station opened, paid for by the city for the first time in 60 years, to the tune of two-and-a-half billion dollars. The Javits Center[...]
Nathan Fox Asks New York, What's Your Story?
We ran a piece before Christmas on Neal Adams' ads appearing in the London Underground – and in the New Year, they are still visible. Well, New York is getting a similar look courtesy of Nathan Fox for a subway campaign for the School Of Visual Arts Fox is the artist on Haunt, and a tutor[...]
A Second Helping Of The Subway Justice League Comic
In certain DC Universe titles this week, joy of joys, you get another Justice League Subway comic. It's a step up on last week in that at no point does Aquaman say that he shouldn't be swimming in the ocean alone But it does appear to have Green Lantern helping a professional basketball player cheat at[...]
An Even Newer Justice League #1 – The Subway Edition
There was the Super 8 comic book last week, and this week there's a Subway comic, created by DC< as an "advertorial" Basically the old Hostess ad, but decompressed over eight pages And, aparently, the first of four Justice League Subway issues… Look at that, written by B Clay Moore as well Okay, I have no[...]