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Super 8 Review – Kate's Take

I don't know about you but, for me, just the thought of a collaboration between JJ Abrams - director of surely the best reboot of them all, Star Trek - and producer Stephen Spielberg is enough to put me at the head of a line to see the resulting movie - but the wait in[...]

Super 8 Has A New UK Viral With News From The Past And Mysterious Polaroids

I couldn't really get with the US "Rocket Poppeteers" viral campaign for Super 8, but a new clips that seem to launch a UK campaign has already interested me I've uploaded the clip so you can see it Here's hoping this viral actually spins out into something more and more fun and creative.This first video[...]

Final Super 8 Promo Is 95% Backstory, 5% Spoiler?

Bits and pieces from this promotional video for Super 8 were mailed out to blogs and websites on memory sticks Now that the last of those stunts has been completed, the whole thing, in a stitched together form, was released via Yahoo.You might want to not watch the last ten seconds of the clip if[...]

Super 8 Free Comic And Competition To Win Very Cool Stuff

Appearing in DC comics this week as a special advertising insert, and also being given away at select outlets, this is the Super 8 free mini-comic by Peter Tomasi and Tommy Lee Edwards with Alex Ross on cover duties, with a special competition at the end for you to win lots of cool free stuff,[...]

Clip From Super 8 Takes Us Up To And Into The Big Crash

This clips seems a touch choppy in places, and I'm expecting we'll find that it was cut down from the edit in the full film. Nonetheless, it's beautifully photographed and the scene itself is intriguing… Not long now until the air of mystery is dispelled and this thing has to stand on its own two […]

Two New TV Spots For Super 8

New Super 8 footage keeps dripping out but you won't get more than half a glass of Monster Juice until you're sitting in the cinema, I'm sure.Here's a pair of new TV spots, each with their own little bits of new material, courtesy of Yahoo and Slashfilm.[youtube][/youtube]Just 28 more days to go and the anticipation[...]

The Trailer For Super 8 That You Play Like A Game

In a first-of-its-kind piece of marketing whimsy, there's very special promotion for JJ Abrams' Super 8 included with copies of Portal 2, the long-awaited video game sequel.In short, a location from the film has been recreated, and made playable and users can take control of a player character and explore as a big event from[...]

Some New Super 8 Footage In A New TV Spot

Here's a new ad for JJ Abrams' Super 8 that was screened last night on US TV There's some new footage hidden in the mix You can find it by clicking on these links, or just play the embed of the whole thing:One - kids planning the time that they're going to meet upTwo - a new[...]

First Full Trailer For Super 8 Teases More Than It Reveals – Which Is Good

Barnum went by PT? Not only are they both men of initials, the have each demonstrated a great aptitude for working the crowd.The latest trailer for Abrams' Super 8 is a case in point.[youtube][/youtube]Nice.As well as the new trailer, Paramount last night dispatched the following official blurb for the film: In the summer of 1979, a group[...]

Super 8 Superbowl TV Spot

I like 8 and I like bowl, but which one is more Super? There's only one way to find out… [youtube][/youtube] If you want to know why there's a zombie in this film (see below) then I suggest you read a post I made earlier this evening…

Super 8 Plot Details Finally Out In The Open

The first germ of an idea for JJ Abrams' Super 8 didn't feature any aliens or monsters or anything fantastical Originally, the director was looking to make a film about "youngsters and the way they see the world and each other through the viewfinder of their Super 8 camera", but it seems he had some difficulty[...]

Online Mini-Ad For Super 8 Features New Footage

Tomorrow, a TV commercial for JJ's Super 8 is to premiere during the Superbowl While we wait for that, however, it seems that some of the new footage has already arrived online in the form of a wee flash ad To see it all, you may need to refresh the page to play it again (and[...]

VIDEO: News Report From The Location Of Super 8

I thought this unofficial video visit to the set of JJ's Super 8 might be of interest to you, particularly as it shows a little bit more than the pictures we were looking at yesterday.Now, the fashions on those store front mannequins really do put this in a very specific time, don't they? George Pal[...]

Six More Actors For Super 8, On Set Snaps

According to The Wrap (who appear to be citing a press release), these are the three "knowns" to have joined the cast of JJ's Super 8 Of course, there's nary a hint of what kind of roles they have.And there's "unknowns" too - Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee and Zach Mills Well, Mills at[...]

Kyle Chandler And Elle Fanning Join JJ's Super 8

Madonna; I think there's probably just the one that goes by his first and middle initials.JJ (as in Abrams, keep up) is currently working on a fairly-secretive project called Super 8 for release next year We think it's got an alien in it We think it's a period picture We think it's "in the style"[...]

Mysterious Monster Picture – Is This The Thing? Or Something Else?

That movie is J J Abrams' Super 8 Yeah.. could be It looks about right.But on the other hand, what chance of a leak from inside that production? The weirdest tip-offs are the ones where you know the provenance of the information is good, but your source won't actually tell you everything about what they're[...]