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What's In The Box?! Loot Gaming – February 2018
While they're labeled as the Bros., the white coaster with the feather is a clear indication this artwork is taken from Super Mario World These are some pretty decent acrylic coasters with the feather, mushroom, fire flower, and golden star designs all properly displayed so people can pick their favorites The only drawback is that[...]
A New Super Mario World Speed Record Trounces The Game In Under 60 Seconds
There have been plenty of speedrunners for Super Mario World on the SNES that do it in amazing fashion We especially love the one where the guy does it blindfolded with style points for finding a new way to kill Bowser that people don't think about But the latest record that has officially been recorded[...]
Pixel Pals Travel To A Couple Realms In Nintendo
3, regular Mario from Super Mario World, and Red Link from the original The Legend Of Zelda. Like all Pixel Pals before them, they run on two AAA batteries that you load in from the back Super safe and secure without any issues The designs themselves are pretty well done, with the obvious two being Link and[...]
SNES Classic 1
I immediately played Super Mario World for a little while And then decided to unlock the never-before released Starfox 2 I forgot how much I loved the original Flying those polygons around was a highlight of my childhood; it was great to play this again I will also say: I have not held a SNES[...]
Watch The New World Record For The Blindfolded Super Mario World Speedrun
First, it was already amazing to watch the secret to beating Super Mario World blindfolded once by hovering above Bowser when he throws his Koopa grenades, anyone who can do that without looking is beyond great But Katun set a new record for speedrunning it while blindfolded, which should be applauded.Now keep in mind, he[...]