Pixel Pals Travel To A Couple Realms In Nintendo

PDP sent me a few new rounds of the Pixel Pals to check out, this time around I have a cool little selection of Nintendo properties that I get to play around with. A Racoon Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3, regular Mario from Super Mario World, and Red Link from the original The Legend Of Zelda.

Like all Pixel Pals before them, they run on two AAA batteries that you load in from the back. Super safe and secure without any issues. The designs themselves are pretty well done, with the obvious two being Link and Racoon Mario looking almost perfect to how they appear on the NES. As you can see on the picture below, both of them come with little glass blocks to simulate them walking forward. Even the design of the SNES Mario looks decent with him being slightly taller and giving the peace symbol as if he cleared a stage.

As far as them being lights go, I was super impressed with both of the NES characters as both Racoon Mario and Link stood out in my house no matter where I placed them. The one that disappointed me was SNES Mario, who I can't really tell if it's just a bad light or the specific color scheme he had going for him (as you can see, he's a few shades deeper than the others), but he just didn't glow as well. I think it's much more having to do with a different kind of light inside him than the other two.

Overall, all three of these guys were awesome additions for my shelves. The Zelda fan in me really liked Red Link, but I'd love to snag the blue version made down the road. Not to mention seeing a Yoshi version of the SNES Mario sometime soon. You can check out all the Pixel Pals at PDP's website.

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