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Mysterious Strangers Draws Significant Advance Reorders – Superman Unchained, Batman Zero Year, Astro City, Fabulous Killjoys And Six Gun Gorilla Don't Do Badly Either

Superman Unchained, Batman Zero Year,  Astro City, Fabulous Killjoys and Six Gun Gorilla all benefit from that, and retailers look minded to up their orders on Image and Vertigo launches, Ghosted and Collider. And for books that have already been published, a new print of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac is gathering many, many orders, as retailers[...]

Superman Unchained #1 3D Variant – Look For Yours On eBay (VIDEO UPDATE)

[youtube][/youtube]This is the Superman Unchained #1 3D cover using DC's new proprietary process, being handed to retailers who attend the DC Retailer Roadshows over the next few days.Although I'm told that a couple of attendees at today's Roadshow weren't actually retailers and were just there to grab this comic to flip on eBay..[...]

Superman Unchained's Blast From The Past

One of those tools that he decided to put back in the toolbox.  I was starting to miss them.Well, in Superman Unchained #1 it came back with a bang!Well, it does suit a book that's rewriting the history of the New 52, to have the Boy Scout go back to his past, however wistfully.Oh, how[...]

Unfolding Superman Unchained #1

Superman Unchained #1, unfolded.Rather than stitched in, the four page foldout is tipped in to a cardboard insert, which leads to a blank full page card page towards the back Which is perfect for sketches from your favourite Superman artist...Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London Tonight sees the launch of Jason Atomic‘s Satanic Mojo, inspired[...]

Man Of Steel And Superman Unchained – Tuesday Trending Topics

have put a Man of Steel sequel on the fast track, and that Snyder and Goyer will be reprising their duties as director and screenwriter. Most-Read Comic Stories Tuesday: Superman Unchained #1 Rewrites History And Redefines The Superhero As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction From the preview to Superman Unchained #1, out tomorrow. How Jim Steranko Created *That* Hulk[...]

A Comic Show – Putting Joe Quesada To Bed

Van Jensen's run is off to a great start! Superman Unchained was off the chain! I grew in the 90's so I can say "off the chain" Really, I think this run will finally put that Joe Quesada quote to bed And this is not a spoiler, its pure speculation, but I think the mystery[...]

Knocking Back A Rood Cup Of Coffee

Behold, Metropolis' newest coffee shop "Rood Awakenings" @ssnyder1835 #supermanunchained #loisfavebrew…— Jim Lee (@JimLee) June 5, 2013  John Rood is the Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development, a regular reader of Bleeding Cool and he has a tattoo of the state of Texas on one of his ankles.And now a Metropolis coffee chain[...]

So What Exactly Does M.A.W. Stand For In Superman Unchained?

I feel a little like Crocodile Dundee, reading Buzzfeed's 8 Spoilers About Superman Unchained article."That? That's not a spoiler This is a spoiler!"But you'll have to wait for our Wonder Woman coverage later today for that.We do however learn that Lex Luthor is in a new Metropolis prison designed by Jim Lee (so expect a[...]

Before And After… Dan Jurgen's Superman Gets The Mullet Back

  This was the original Dan Jurgens' variant for Superman Unchained #1, a classic Superman figure defeating Doomsday But, for continuity purists, there was one thing missing Superman's mullet.. that's right, the nineties Superman gave his enemies something handy to grab onto mid-battle Hey, maybe he wouldn't have died in that fight if he's had a[...]

DC Comics To Pay 75% OF Comic Stores Advertising If Its Got Superman In It

And a Superman Unchained comic I'm even told that Batman/Superman #1 is expected to get sales of over 200,000.And DC Comics are agreeing to pay 75% of the costs of individual stores advertising their wares using Superman imagery.The ad has to be approved, so as to avoid entertainingly embarrassing ads such as these from A[...]

BC Mag #4: Love, Hate, And The Pull List

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston If you are reading this magazine, you must love comics. And one of the things about this hobby that makes it unique and fulfilling is the sense of excitement each new month brings. It is akin to the start of a new baseball or football season, when it […]

How "Superman Unchained" Goes Straight To The Brand

Well, there was a film on the way.Now it seems the Scott Snyder/Jim Lee's Superman book is to be called "Superman Unchained"And while there's no doubt a little Django in that derivation, it also goes to the heart of one of the most potent and indeed trademarkable images, that of Superman breaking chains, held[...]