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My, that's one serious allegy to cats, courtesy of Red Lanterns.


Well, Forever Evil: ARGUS, it all depends whether it's original Matrix, or Matrix Revelations. IMG_0034

We were just talking about a dearth of female super villains in today's comics, and then DC give us a bunch, including Flash. And how villainous they are as well!  Stopping illnesses being cured so they can be sold as weapons! I mean you just can't get more villainous than that, unless you gave her a moustache.

IMG_0033 I mean Joker's Daughter just doesn't have the ambition, in today's Catwoman, does she. Rule an underground of a city, or kill millions? She's more Penguin than Joker…

Sinister Dexter #2

While Sinister Dexter also gives us some rather vicious action from a young schoolgirl with manga-style eyes. It's always about the eyes, isn't it? Windows to the lack of soul.


Green Team: Teen Trillionaires gives us the evil moustache in full force, perfect for twirling at the edges. Still, who is he calling an idiot?

Deadworld #2

Yup, the jokes in Deadworld are also undead. They keep coming back from the grave, no matter how much metacommentary you try to excuse their inclusion with. Still, who are they calling stupid? Don't they know…

GI Joe #12

Thank you, GI Joe. Hell, Bleeding Cool runs on stupid. It's what gets me up in the morning. That and several doses of amphetamines, obviously. Talking of which…


So, who wants to be a drug dealer? Bart Allen apparently. Is Mark Waid spinning in his comic store right now, flicking through today's Teen Titans? Maybe he could sell them to Speedy.

Now, what does Aquaman say to Mera once he's got her into the bedroom? IMG_0028

You just know he does. Talking of nudity, the all-ages Atomic Robo doesn't skimp out,


Quite the package for an All Ages comic, no?


Talking of nudity, not every character can seal with it, especially when it's not their own and involves plumbing. I do keep getting these flashbacks when reading Rachel Rising to an earlier series by Terry Moore, its inescapable, but then I hit those snow scenes that have so set this comic apart, and they are spectacular in a way he just couldn't portray back then. It's wonderful to see him grow as an artist.


Say it with flowers, Jonah Hex. Or at least, mumble and drool it with flowers.


The Dead Boy Detectives gives us the story of a young girl who, thanks to Mark Buckingham and Gary Erskine, looks like she's stepped out of Love And Rockets and into a controversy about art and stealing – and then parallel to that, stealing life. Almost as if someone was holding up a mirror to it.


Swamp Thing joins the life aquatic, taking on the form of a whale's overcoat. A very snug fit, there.


Superman Unchained rewrites history again, this time all of technology as we know it (and am typing on right now) is down to aliens. Again.


Something that Revelation would be hella keen on, in its debut issue from Boom!


Sometimes it's just really nice to see Kevin Maguire draw people;s faces, siuch as Angela in Guardians Of The Galaxy. No "stet" expressions here!


Wolverine, famed champion of animal rights, there, as Savage Wolverine kinda crosses over with Liberator. It's up to you whether you find the scene where he slices his face off more nauseating, of when the elephants start talking to him.


New Avengers does a rather neat trick of having the Black Priests, as we see each made up of the minds of tens of thousand people, speak with lots of Is. As if there were many, many people referring to themselves as "I". Neat trick, as Jonathan Hickman reverse engineers continuity from his Fantastic Four run into the continuing Infinity/Inhuman/Incursion events.

Hawken Melee

Screen shot 2013-12-29 at 2.07.10 AM

"Brimstone makes it taste good, like a cigarette should." Artifacts #33, written and drawn by two of Top Cow's 2012 Talent Hunt Winners, Kenny Porter and -ROM- darkness et folly. Seriously, the names parents give their kids these days.


Hawken Melee decides to help define what is or what is not a dinosaur,

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #5

While THUNDER Agents chooses to define them as friends, gives us the featherless dinosaur look. But with friends like these, who needs enemies?


Legenderry #1 isn't exactly that much of a steampunk book as it is advertised,you won;t see any of the steam powered top hats here. But that's okay, you do get a woman of high society prepared to rip the arms off random folk.

Dredd Classics #7

And with New Year's Eve upon us, tonight, eat, drink, be merry, just be aware that the NSA Judge Dredd is watching,

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London, currently showing the Game of Thrones television production artwork of comic artist Will Simpson, who will be giving a talk a week on Saturday. And running a massive sale till the end of the week!


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