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Doctor Who: "Survival", BBC
The BBC has released a 20-minute cut-down of "Survival" on their YouTube channel Once again, it's a personal story for Ace (Sophie Aldred) He takes her back to her old neighborhood in Perivale for a quick visit, only to find many of her friends have gone missing and a mysterious black cat has been lurking[...]
Showtime Developing All-Female Lord of the Flies-esque 'Yellowjackets' from Narcos Duo
In what sounds like a case of "different insect, same theme," Showtime has secured development rights for upcoming Lord of the Flies-ish drama-thriller series Yellowjackets, Deadline Hollywood reports. Writer-producers Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson (Narcos) are set to executive produce the project, described as a smart, provocative female thriller that follows the surviving members of a girls' high school soccer[...]
Welcome To Bad Survival Skills: We Review 'ARK: Survival Evolved'
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] I don't know how many of you reading this feel about online group survival RPG games, but they've been leaving a real nasty feeling with me lately The last experience I had that turned out to be a total waste of time for various reasons was Conan: Exiles, as I watched teammates die slow[...]
Living Life As Matt Damon On Mars: We Review 'ROKH'
I get that it is a survival game and that I have to deal with harsh conditions and somewhat real expectations when it comes to doing what I need to do But come on! Make just a little bit of this streamlined so I'm not spending two hours hacking away at every hunk of rock[...]
'Outlast 2' Gives New Reasons To Fear The Unknown And Check Heart Rates
That's the kind of rabbit hole you can expect to dive into when you peer into the abyss that is Outlast 2 from Red Barrels. credit//Red Barrels Outlast 2 is a survival-horror sequel from the 2013 predecessor, which was a cool alternative version of the genre that played on visual cues and emotional responses as you played[...]
Survival Of The Fittest In The Intriguing Platformer 'Rain World'
The ultimate goal beyond survival is to explore and find your way back to your family, but as you get deeper into the levels, you'll discover that task keeps getting further out of reach and you'll need to make wise decisions in order to get where you need to go. credit//Adult Swim Games You'll run into enemies[...]
Husk Is Simply A Cloudy World Of Worry
It was a nice indie survival horror game that actually gave me chills in the middle of the summer, and it was nice having Sean Bean in my ears for the narrative Ever since then, I've been waiting to see how the Polish game publisher would follow up that title up, and we finally got[...]
All Bets Are Off: Jacen Burrows Talks CROSSED: BADLANDS
Sales are great, but the respect of my collaborators and a reputation for professionalism is far more rewarding at the end of the day.   Q: Fill in this blank, and please feel free to elaborate: "If you're a fan of _____________, you really should pick up Crossed." What fans would you like to see come over[...]