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Corvus Glaive Wants Revenge with New Iron Studios Statue
If we could only get a solo film of The Black Order just conquering other worlds so we could get the rich backstory behind them all Iron Studios is reuniting The Black Order once again with their newest addition to their Avengers: Endgamestatues This time we have Corvus Glaive in all his menacing glory[...]
Proxima Midnight Prepares for War in New Iron Studios Statue
Iron Studios is bringing Proxima Midnight and The Black Order to life with their newest wave of Avengers: Endgame statue Proxima Midnight gets her close up with this statue and it is nice to see The Balck Order come to life finally She sports a white and black outfit with her spear in hand Of[...]
Cull Obsidian Gets Brutal with New Statue from Iron Studios
You can now bring home Cull Obsidian as he makes his way to Iron Studios with their newest Avengers: Endgame statues featuring The Black Order This statue is 1/10th scale, stands at 14 inches tall high and highly detailed He is the most expensive of the Black order statues, coming in at a whopping $249.99[...]
Ebony Maw Joins the Endgame with New Statue from Iron Studios
The introduction of the Black Order was a great way to pay tribute to the comics and introduce superior foes fro the Avengers iron Studios is bringing Thanos and the Black Order to life with their newest wave of collectible statues from Avengers: Endgame. We have already seen Thanos the Mad Titan but now his first in[...]
Thanos's hordes wreaked havoc, but this was mostly told in tie-ins like New Avengers, Thunderbolts, Mighty Avengers (a Luke Cage-helmed team written by Al Ewing), Fearless Defenders, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Infinty #1 art by Jim Cheung and Justin Ponsor The Black Order was the vanguard of Thanos's invasion The Black Order, also known as the[...]
With the reveal at Disney's D3 Expo at Anaheim of the Children of Thanos, aiding the Mad Titan in his assault on the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Infinity War, there's an interesting point to note. L-R: Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Thanos, Ebony Maw and Black Dwarf As I mentioned in the reveal article,[...]
Children of Thanos
However, another option seemed more likely: the Black Order. Although initially consisting of five members, the Black Order were introduced in Jonathan Hickman's Infinity event, and were the lieutenants of the Mad Titan Thanos himself And Hickman's work at Marvel has been used as inspiration for the Marvel Cinematic Universe before. Well, it would seem that these[...]