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Dark Horse To Publish Mark Sable and Kristian Donaldson's The Dark
The Dark is a comic book series by Mark Sable and Kristian Donaldson that launched in 2019 on ComiXology Originals Now Dark Horse Books, as part of their ComiXology deal, will be publishing The Dark as a graphic novel in December 2021, in print for the first time Mark calls The Dark "the first 'post-cyberpunk'[...]
the dark
Lange's feature film debut The Dark The unflinching horror-drama introduces us to Mina (Nadia Alexander), a young flesh-eater who haunts the woods near her childhood home When Mina befriends Alex (Toby Nichols), a victim of abuse, she begins to question his motives — and why she doesn't feel homicidal around him. Credit: XYZ Films Here's a look[...]
[#Tribeca2018] Bleeding Cool's Tribeca Film Festival Guide to All 96 Feature Films
To say that this year's Tribeca Film Festival is massive is like saying you think there might be a tough time getting a cab around there while it's going on: clearly obvious, massive understatement. Some of the early highlights we're keeping a personal eye on include Tomb Raider and God of War demos/presentations; Netflix's zombie film[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: Can You See In The Dark?
A couple weeks ago, Rich did a post about an upcoming DC project called The Dark  The post consisted of exactly two things: 1) that the project is called The Dark, and 2) an accompanying plain black rectangle graphic  Since that time, that featureless black rectangle has been trending like crazy, much to the amusement[...]
DC Are Bringing You The Dark
I don't know what "The Dark" is. But whatever it is, it's coming from DC Comics. From DC Comics, comes The Dark. The Dark, from DC Comics. I don't think I can say it in any other ways. Oh, but it's not Simon Dark. There The Dark. Put on your speculation goggles… now! I don't know what "The Dark" is. But whatever it[...]