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"Walker": "9-1-1" Alum Jeff Pierre Joins Jared Padalecki CW Series

Having focused earlier on his immediate on-screen family, The CW is now adding to Jared Padalecki's Walker "extended" family with the addition of Jeff Pierre (9-1-1, Beyond). Pierre is set to star opposite the Supernatural soon-to-be-alum as well as Lindsey Morgan (The 100), Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars), Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files), and Coby Bell (The Gifted) […]


"Walker": "The Gifted" Alum Coby Bell Joins Jared Padalecki CW Series

Now that The CW is done casting Jared Padalecki's Walker family (we think), it's time to learn more about who will make up his office family. The Gifted alum Coby Bell is set to join the cast as a series regular, starring opposite the Supernatural soon-to-be-alum as well as Lindsey Morgan (The 100), Keegan Allen (Pretty […]

The Gifted Season 2: New Promo and the Cast/Crew Talks the Finale

The Gifted has turned into an interesting little corner of the X-Men universe. In some ways, it's become more accurate to the comics than the movies have ever been. For example; someone finally had the courage to give one of Magneto's daughter the tiara from the comics. However, the ratings for the second season haven't […]

The Gifted Season 2: Showrunner Matt Nix Talks the Season Finale

The final two episodes of the second season of The Gifted promise a lot of things coming to a head. At the moment there are three different factions fighting but only two of them really have the resources to do damage. The Purifier's are deadly, as the last episode showed, and the Inner Circle has […]

Matt Nix Talks About a Possible Season 3 for The Gifted

There has been some serious blood in the water when it comes to Marvel TV since the fall of last year. Since then, we've seen Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Legion all either get canceled or, in the case of Legion, announce that the third season will be the last one. Everyone seems to […]

The Gifted Season 2 Episode 14: The Mole is Revealed! (PREVIEW)

FOX's The Gifted is wrapping up its second season. We have a promo for episode fourteen, the second to last episode of the season, and it promises something pretty cool. The show is on a two-week hiatus but we'll get to see the conclusion that cliffhanger from the previous episode and maybe start tying up […]

The Gifted Season 2 Episode 13: Images, Promo, and Summary

The Gifted is really starting to kick things into high gear as we head into the final episodes of the second season. There have been some shifting allegiances, doubts, and blood on the ground as of this episode–and it looks like the next episode could be just as bad. Fox has shared a promo, a […]

Swamp Thing: Westworld's Leonardo Nam Joins DC Universe Series

The swamps of Louisiana are getting a little more crowded as production on DC Universe's live-action Swamp Thing rolls along, with Westworld's Leonardo Nam joining Crystal Reed (Dr. Abby Arcane), Andy Bean (Alec Holland), and Derek Mears (Swamp Thing) on the upcoming series. Nam will play Harlan Edwards, a gay CDC specialist who is Abby's second-in-command. The streaming service's […]