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Scholastic To Publish A Phoenix Comic, With Jean Grey Nowhere In Sight
Another new Phoenix comic is hitting stores early next year! Joining the ranks of Phoenix: Resurrection at Marvel and its followup, X-Men Red, Scholastic is getting into the Phoenix comic game with The Phoenix Colossal Comics Collection: Volume One, hitting stores in March But this one doesn't star the red-headed Marvel hero Instead, it's a collection[...]
Jean Grey #7 Review: Old Jean Grey's Ghost Is A Buzzkill
Her older self has come back to pester young Jean until she finds a solution for the Phoenix issue On the brink of losing her mind, Jean is found by Wanda Maximoff, AKA the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers. Wanda thinks some fun to unwind would be good for young Jean, but her older ghost isn't[...]
Jean Grey #5 Review: A Just-OK Story Hindered By Low Stakes
This is supposed to be the tale of Jean Grey preparing herself for the coming of the Phoenix A lot of one-liners or an upbeat tone wouldn't be bad, but it is the way that this comic takes that idea to the nth degree while not providing a feeling of consequence is the real problem. The[...]
Generations: The Phoenix
Or is she? Generations: The Phoenix cover by Stephanie Hans This issue is the crux of the story of Generations: The Phoenix by Cullen Bunn Certainly, Rich posted his own article discussing what he felt the issue meant for Jean Grey's history, but I have a slightly different take. Art by R.B Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, and Rain[...]
The Dandy, The Phoenix And The MooseKid: An Interview With Jamie Smart
He's also the creator of Corporate Skull, the best monster fighting/office worker finding the joy in their life at the expense of their face comic ever written and has had work in The Dandy, The Beano, The DFC and The Phoenix Jamie is prolific, massively talented and at the cutting edge of UK children's comics[...]
Moose Kid On The Rise: Jamie Smart And The New Wave Of UK Kids' Comics
The Dandy closed its print doors last year after 75 years in print but The Phoenix, itself born from the ashes of The DFC, continues to do very well There's clearly an interest, and a market, for children's comics featuring original characters rather than licensed ones and every UK store I've been in in the[...]