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Cover image for THE UNION #5 (OF 5)
We said The Union No, not a union of comic book creators Ha ha! That would be ridiculous No, this is the titular fictional British superhero team in Marvel's The Union mini-series, concluding next week with The Union #5 But hey, don't feel bad if you're a big fan of this book and sad to[...]
Marvel Superhero Lives Above A Tesco Metro - And Reads i Newspaper
The Union #3 is published in comic book stores by Marvel comics from today Not from Tesco. THE UNION #3 (OF 5) MARVEL COMICS DEC200540 (W) Paul Grist (A) Andrea Di Vito (CA) R B Silva KELPIE GOES ROGUE! In the wake of the disastrous Knull invasion, Kelpie takes drastic action… but when her choices land her in hot water,[...]
How Brexit Affects Marvel Comics Today, In The Union #2
Today sees the publication of The Union #2, the second issue in the United-Kingdom set-and-themed comic book by Paul Grist and Andrea Di Vito, published by Marvel Comics And it's the first issue published after Brexit was all finalised Something some comic book stores are having difficulty with – especially those outside the UK Such[...]
A Very British Guide To Marvel Comics' The Union #1 (Spoilers)
Tomorrow sees the long-awaited publication of The Union #1 by Paul Grist and Andrea Di Vito, with a brand new superhero team for a modern Britain, alongside Marvel legacy hero Union Jack, former holders of that name going back to the second World War I thought some might appreciate a look ahead with a number[...]
Paul Grist's Variant Cover For The Union #1 For FOC
Bleeding Cool told you that Paul Grist would be drawing some of the upcoming The Union #1 as well as writing it Well, Paul has clarified it will be just one page But he is also doing a variant cover, and this morning he tweeted that out as well And just in time for this[...]
Marvel Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Paul Grist to Draw Union, And More
And you get to decide which is which. Though a quite exciting one for The Union #1, which has been through all manner of changes already (originally solicited as an Empyre spinoff, now it's a King In Black spinoff), writer Paul Grist, as well as drawing a variant cover, will also be contributing to the comic[...]
Paul Grist Kane The Union
Paul Grist may (again) be writing new superhero team comic The Union from Marvel Comics, but he's not stopping what he's best known for Indeed, he's starting again, posting that he is working on new Kane comic books, the police detective crime noir set in New Eden series that takes somewhere between Mike Mignola, Frank[...]
Marvel Comics Full December 2020 Solicits Leads With The King In Black
It was originally solicited as launching, spinning out of the recent Empyre crossover, The Union, a superhero team reflecting the different countries of the United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but also a nation at war with itself over Brexit and devolution As is traditional, the sun has set over Empyre, but The[...]
Paul Grist Tries to Explain The Union to People Who Don't Read Comics
Last week Marvel announced the news that Marvel had teased, that Paul Grist and Andrea Di Vito were launching a new British superhero comic called The Union Starring Union Jack, and four other heroes, each drawn from a different country, Brittania of England, Kelpie of Scotland, The Choir of Wales and Snakes of Northern Ireland[...]