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The Wolf Among Us 2 Will Be Released In 2023
In a special presentation today, Telltale Games revealed that The Wolf Among Us 2 will finally be released… but not until 2023 During a special livestream hosted by Geoff Keighley, the team sat down and did a virtual live presentation at Grandmother's Bar from the first game as they discuss the long road to get[...]
The Wolf Among Us 2 Is Getting A Reveal On Wednesday
Telltale Games is finally going to show off more of The Wolf Among Us 2: A Telltale Series in a special event this Wednesday For the longest time, we have been waiting for this game, as it was originally conceived after the first game was completed and then officially announced during San Diego Comic-Con in[...]
Telltale Games Reveals More Info On The Wolf Among Us 2
Telltale Games has revealed a little more info about their upcoming sequel, The Wolf Among Us 2, after confusion from The Game Awards For years people have been clamoring for this game, based on the Vertigo Comics series Fables, as they explore stories with new and familiar characters in events that take place before Issue[...]
"The Wolf Among Us 2" Is Being Created From Scratch
It looks like we may be waiting just a little longer on The Wolf Among Us 2 as we now know the game will be re-created from the ground up The news came out from an interview with US Gamer, in which LCG Entertainment CEO Jaime Ottilie said the former devs from Telltale Games along[...]
The New Telltale Games Claims To Have A New Business Model
And the first big project that will ultimately show where Telltale Games is will be The Wolf Among Us 2, whenever it is completed We'll keep an eye on things and see how they manage moving forward before passing judgment on a new era. A new interview with the revitalized Telltale Games has the company[...]
"The Wolf Among Us 2" Revealed Again At The Game Awards
A bit of a surprise from The Game Awards as we got a re-reveal for The Wolf Among Us 2, confirming the game is back in production LCG Entertainment has taken over the reins of what's left of Telltale Games, and brought back several key staff members under a new developer called AdHoc Studio to[...]