Telltale Games Reveals More Info On The Wolf Among Us 2

Telltale Games has revealed a little more info about their upcoming sequel, The Wolf Among Us 2, after confusion from The Game Awards. For years people have been clamoring for this game, based on the Vertigo Comics series Fables, as they explore stories with new and familiar characters in events that take place before Issue #1. The first game was such a success that a sequel was pretty much guaranteed until Telltale laid off most of its staff and eventually shut down. When it was revitalized, the new people in charge assured us this sequel was on the docket to get made ASAP back in 2019. Cut to The Game Awards a few weeks ago where the company announced they were making a game based on The Expanse, but not a single word about TWAU2. Which led many to speculate the game had, yet again, been shelved.

Telltale Games Reveals More Info On The Wolf Among Us 2
Credit: Telltale Games

This week, those rumors were put to rest to a degree as it was revealed that Game Informer had a chat with the company about The Wolf among Us 2, and we got some interesting details out of the mix. Obviously, that didn't run the full article online yet, they want you to go out and buy the magazine, so we can't fault them for that. But word quickly got out about the big picture details about the game, as you can see from the tweet below. Not only is the game still in production, but we now know it will be taking place during the winter in Fabletown six months after the events of the first game. The team are currently recording mocap with production officially in full-swing.

While that's all super cool and promising, it means we're probably not seeing this game for another year at the earliest. Especially with this thing being in the worst for so long, there's no way they're going to rush this out and have it be a disappointment in any capacity. So now we get to play the waiting game until probably The Game Awards 2022 to see the next trailer.

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