Stargirl: Nickelodeon's Brec Bassinger to Lead DC Universe Series

Warner Bros.Digital Networks and DC Entertainment didn't have to look to the stars to cast the lead in their upcoming live-action Stargirl series – they just had to look to Nickelodeon. Actress Brec Bassinger (Bella & the Bulldogs) is set to play the cosmic character in the new DC Universe streaming service series. Stargirl creator Geoff Johns […]

Marvel Legends The Thing Will Complete the Fantastic Four Soon

Marvel Legends fans- the end is near. The Thing will be coming exclusively to Walgreens in the near future. A couple of packaged pictures are here, and Ben looks like one of the best Marvel Legends figures we may ever get single-packed. Just from the package you can see that the figure will have incredible […]

Brian Michael Bendis batman

Brian Michael Bendis's List Of All The People He Says Can Beat Batman

Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion. Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman […]

It's Not The Return Of Fantastic Four For Marvel Legacy… It's Marvel Two-In-One

We wondered how Marvel would get around the restriction not to publish any comics called Fantastic Four, as placed upon it by chairman Ike Perlmutter after a particularly fruitless meeting with Fox Studios a few years ago. Marvel had teased to retailers a "Fantastic 3" image earlier in the year, but Bleeding Cool revealed that […]

What the Fantastic Four Got Wrong (SPOILERS)

By Joe Glass I cannot make it any clearer, this article contains MASSIVE spoilers for the new Fantastic Four movie, directed by Josh Trank. So let's get this out of the way at the start: if you are planning on ignoring pretty much every review out there and go and see this film anyway, go […]

Where Is The Thing In Secret Wars? (UPDATE)

The Human Torch is the Sun. The Invisible Woman is Doom's wife. Valeria and Franklin are his children. Reed Richards has now returned. Both of him. But where, oh where is The Thing? This isn't him. That's Thunderbolt Ross. Could… this be him? No, not one of the big montsers but… The Shield. The barrier […]

So What Happens To The Fantastic Four After Secret Wars? (SPOILERS)

More from our big Marvel gossip day.Bleeding Cool was the first to report that Marvel were to cancel the Fantastic Four comic book. We were informed by Marvel staffers that the book was being cancelled, over Marvel's fractious relationship with Fox Studios, who own the movie rights to the comic book. It was an attempt […]

John Byrne Just Likes To Draw The Thing Too Much

Here's a recent commission from John Byrne.  He shared the brief, 11" x 17" illustration of the Fantastic Four, landscape orientation as this one is a companion to the following commission: LINK The details are: – please draw Reed, Sue, Johnny, and She-Hulk in the black and white uniforms you designed – ponytail hairstyle for […]

Alien, From The Point Of View Of Jones The Cat

While we´re all waiting (forever) for David Cronenberg to remake Alien from the point of view of the facehugger, here´s "the next best thing." Film critic Anne Billson has written, and published as a free e-book, My Day by Jones: A Cat's-Eye View of Alien. It does precisely what she promises. Here´s the opening passage: […]

AVX Versus Pages May Be Lettered. May Be Not. Does It Matter?

  Here's a preview of the AVX comic, Versus, intended to expand the fight scenes in the main title like children sat around a schoolyard scrap. And promises no scenes sat around kitchen tables. Unless that kitchen table is exploding. Magneto vs a non-magnetic Iron Man, and Namor lnocking down the Thing underwater. And plummeting […]

Monday DVD And Blu-Ray Review – The Yellow Sea, The Thing And 50/50

This week: a Korean action thriller, The Yellow Sea; a preqboot sequel-remake, The Thing; and a comedy about cancer, 50/50. None of them is a total washout but it's probably not a surprise to say they're not all knockouts either. [podcast_display] More on each of these, in fact, over the next couple of days.

VIDEO: Pingu Stars In The Best Remake Of The Thing Since 1982

This new remake shows considerable fidelity to both The Thing a la John Carpenter and Pingu, the chirpy little penguin with a voice like Tom Hardy's Bane if he were huffing helium through that mask. Kudos to the short's director Lee Hardcastle who also built the sets and characters, carried out the animation and performed […]

Marvel Spoils Fantastic Four #600 In National News. SPOILERS Obviously.

In an arranged news release with the Associated Press, and as Bleeding Cool warned you, Marvel Comics has released news concerning the contents of Fantastic Four #600. Althoigh, in a twist from form, they have released the spoiler for the Wednesday of release, rather than the Monday before… It has been picked up by CBS […]

The Thing Gets Gory In A New Red Band Trailer

I don't know if there was a trailer for John Carpenter's version of The Thing that gave any of its best monster moments, but I think movie marketing tended to be more subtle then, and definitely more restrained. Sure, I saw "Spiderhead" in the pages of Fangoria but I didn't really know what I was […]

Heaps Of Thing FX From The New The Thing – UPDATED

That headline might seem to be the most boring and lazy game of Madlibs ever played, but that belies the intrigue in the images to follow. Earlier tonight, the little known site Horror Movies pointed the way to an unofficial The Thing Facebook page. Coincidentally (right?) Bloody Disgusting "stumbled onto" the same page a couple […]

First Official Trailer For The Thing (Which Is A Prequel To The Thing)

Here's the first trailer for The Thing, a film that finally gives big screen immortality to the Norwegian camp, the poor folks who found "it" first. Compare these shots to similar ones in John Carpenter's Thing and you'll see immediately which film has the most rigorous and compelling compositional style. We'll have to wait to […]

Ice Cold Poster For The Thing (The Prequel To The Remake)

UPDATE: Here we have the official release of the poster, courtesy of Universal. From what can be seen in this blurry but very hi-res, iPhone snap (courtesy of Winston, via Aint it Cool) the teaser poster for Matthias van Heijningen's The Thing is working the same cold, alienating vibe as John Carpenter's 1980s picture. Really, […]

John Carpenter's The Thing, Retold From The Point Of View Of The Thing

Originally published a year ago but becoming lightly viral today (well, a few cool filmmakers tweeted about it) was a retelling of John Carpenter's The Thing, as narrated from the point of view of said Thing itself. Think of the virus-friendly philosophy of a Cronenberg film and you're half way there. If you can't, or […]