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Ben Grimm, The Thing, finally gets a revealed skeleton in the Fantastic Four! At Bleeding Cool, you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies, and more The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as[...]
Interior preview page from CLOBBERIN TIME #2 STEVE SKROCE COVER
Gather 'round, folks, as The Thing embarks on a perilous journey to Krakoa for a symposium on Mutant and Superhuman Interconnection While engaging in this lovely academic endeavor, dear ol' Ben Grimm happens to team up with Wolverine and faces the mysterious plunderer from issue #1 Oh, what a fantastic recipe for a cataclysmic thrilling[...]
Wednesday: Bruce Campbell Amused by Evil Dead-Addams Family Crossover
With Wednesday's release from Netflix, one fan put up a meme suggesting that Thing, Wednesday Addams's (Jenna Ortega) loyal sentient stitched hand, could conceivably be the reformed, evil, right hand of Ash (Campbell) from Evil Dead The meme that splits side-by-side images of Thing resting on Wednesday's shoulder and Ash from Ash vs Evil Dead[...]
Cover image for The Thing #4
See Benjamin Grimm get murdered in this preview of The Thing #4, in stores Wednesday from Marvel Good thing it's just a dream… isn't it?! Well, this series is set in the past, so The Thing definitely won't die OR WILL HE?! It's set so far in the past that Marvel could have had seventy-three[...]
Fantastic Four #12 (Marvel, 1963)
As a longtime Fantastic Four collector, the Hulk vs Thing (and the rest of the FF) battle in Fantastic Four #12 might just be my favorite among the early issues.  The debut of Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four #5 is way up there… but I think I have to give the edge to Fantastic Four[...]
Fantastic Four #33 Review: A Little Far Fetched
While this marriage is ceremonial in nature — the not-so-good Doctor has no prurient expectations of her — it remains a big show, and Doom wants to make a splash, including having his implacable foil Reed Richards as best man and a pledge to end all grudges with any attendees, bringing T'challa and Namor out,[...]
Fantastic Four #25 Hulk Vs Thing On Auction At ComicConnect
Thing in Fantastic Four #25 Featuring some of Jack Kirby's best work, it also is Captain America's second appearance in the silver age Not bad for a book some wouldn't consider a key They are nuts, though, and I bet with Marvel announcing the FF film is coming formally the other day, it is just[...]
Her upcoming series Stargirl marks the seventh original series for DC Universe, joining Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp, Thing, Harley Quinn, Young Justice: Outsiders, and daily talk show DC Daily. Deadline Hollywood WBTV Warner Bros.Digital Networks and DC Entertainment didn't have to look to the stars to cast the lead in their upcoming live-action Stargirl series – they[...]
Marvel Unlimited Venom Punisher Marvel Legends Bundle
This will be the only place this figure sees release. Exclusive limited edition Hasbro Marvel Legends Venomized Punisher figure not available anywhere else! Two exclusive Venomized variant comics: Black Panther #1 Venom #1 Exclusive Fantastic Four "4" Patch Exclusive Fantastic Four Thing Pin 15% Off Digital Comics & Collections 4 at the Marvel Digital Comics Shop Every Day 10% Off Marvel Merchandise 5[...]
Marvel Legends The Thing Will Complete the Fantastic Four Soon
The Thing will be coming exclusively to Walgreens in the near future A couple of packaged pictures are here, and Ben looks like one of the best Marvel Legends figures we may ever get single-packed. Just from the package you can see that the figure will have incredible heft and an amazing sculpt He looks jagged[...]
It's Not The Return Of Fantastic Four For Marvel Legacy… It's Marvel Two-In-One
It's not The Fantastic Four, but the revival of FF spin-off title from the seventies, Marvel Two-In-One, the team-up book that originally featured the Thing and whoever else was around And now teaming up the remaining FF members on Earth, The Thing and The Human Torch. And a homage cover by Edgar Delgado. We wondered how[...]
What the Fantastic Four Got Wrong (SPOILERS)
This happaned after my own misgivings for months after the first trailer was released, as that trailer to me felt too oppressively dark and dour, and again for me, that is not what the Fantastic Four are. Amazingly, I actually quite enjoyed the start of the film (although even in that first act, there were one[...]
Where Is The Thing In Secret Wars? (UPDATE)
Both of him. But where, oh where is The Thing? This isn't him. That's Thunderbolt Ross. Could… this be him? No, not one of the big montsers but… The Shield The barrier that protects the rest of the Doomworld from the less desirable zombies, Annihilus wave and Ultrons? And look at this one… In the shape of the new FF[...]
So What Happens To The Fantastic Four After Secret Wars? (SPOILERS)
Spoilers on. I understand that The Thing will be joining The Guardians Of The Galaxy comic, as a space faring bruiser. And even bigger spoilers on, possibly for Secret Wars… Because I also understand that Reed and Sue will be in mourning… So what exactly will happen to their children, Franklin and Valeria?   [...]
John Byrne Just Likes To Draw The Thing Too Much
 He shared the brief, 11" x 17" illustration of the Fantastic Four, landscape orientation as this one is a companion to the following commission: LINK The details are: – please draw Reed, Sue, Johnny, and She-Hulk in the black and white uniforms you designed – ponytail hairstyle for Sue, please draw Sue visible and using her force field power in[...]
AVX Versus Pages May Be Lettered. May Be Not. Does It Matter?
Magneto vs a non-magnetic Iron Man, and Namor lnocking down the Thing underwater And plummeting like a… well exactly. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! AVX: VS #1 (FEB120531) Written by JASON AARON & KATHRYN IMMONEN Art by ADAM KUBERT & STUART IMMONEN Cover by ADAM KUBERT Variant Cover by STUART IMMONEN Rated T+…$3.99 FOC – 4/02/12, ON SALE –4/25/12 [...]