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Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #2 cover by Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Jason Keith
It comes off like naked padding, and we aren't made privy to any actual reason they're doing half of this before they trip over a lead and the story starts again. Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #2 art by Thony Silas and Felipe Sobreiro Thony Silas's artwork isn't bad It's heavily stylized and uses geometric shapes to[...]
Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #1 cover by Greg Land and Jason Keith
Plus, all the villains are women in similarly revealing costumes, which doesn't help that creeping feeling. The main story isn't all that fascinating regardless, as the reason they suspect Magneto of anything boils down to "he's pulled this crap before." They just so happen to stumble into a criminal conspiracy while in Madripoor. Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery[...]
X-Men: Blue #16 cover by Arthur Adams and Ian Herring
He's essentially watching snuff films. X-Men: Blue #16 art by Thony Silas and Rain Beredo Thony Silas' artwork leaves a lot to be desired in this comic The figures often look out of proportion with themselves Faces are very geometric and with sharp edges That being said, there are some panels that work very well and look[...]
Royals #5 Review: An Enjoyable Read, Especially For Inhumans Fans
So make of that what you will. Thony Silas's artwork is solid enough It's weird and cartoony and fits the overall tone of the comic fairly well, Flint confronting his dead parents and Gorgon dealing with his wife notwithstanding Ronan's head still looks way too small for his massive body The color team keeps the comic[...]
Royals #4 Review: Little Head, Big Arms, Little Story
This issue, we have a switch to Thony Silas. It's a Humberto Ramos-esque warping of figures, with no one appearing to have a solid form but instead stretching and shifting with motion It's good for kinetic scenes, but can be fairly distracting in static and serious moments. However, this style is very distracting in this issue, with[...]
Watch Thony Silas Draw The Royals
Last month, we told you that Thony Silas replaced JonBoy Meyers on The Royals #4 for Marvel Now Silas is the latest artist to sit down for their video series Quickdraw where he draws those very same Royals It's nice to see that Marvel is back to using the Quickdraw format to promote their artists and[...]
So Why Is Black Bolt In Prison? Royals #2 Reveals All!
Instead, it is his brother, Maximus the Mad in disguise. Art by Jonboy Meyers & Thony Silas, with Ryan Kinnaird & Jim Charalampidis Last seen drugged out of his gourd in Inhumans Prime and being sentenced to, yup, an intergalactic prison as an exile, it would seem that Maximus swapped places with his brother, presumably when the[...]