Frank Miller And Scott Snyder Planning To Write Dark Knight 3 Together

DK2 took that scenario further into the future, a gaudy satire of further consumer excess and corruption of power.But now it appears that it is time for the threequel It is certainly being discussed, and it's Miller's plan that Dark Night Three be written by himself and Scott Snyder, the current bestselling writer of the[...]

Tron 3 Moving Ahead With New Writer

It was always possible that the departure of Rich Ross and accession of Alan Horn in the Walt Disney Chairman's office was going to kill any plans for a Tron threequel stone dead.Apparently not The Hollywood Reporter have learned that Jesse Wigutow has been hired to do a new draft of the screenplay It's not[...]

Keanu Reeves Sets Up The Plot Of Bill & Ted's Third Adventure

I've got a good feeling about the promised third Bill & Ted film. So does Keanu Reeves, it would seem. Which is nice, seeing as he's going to be in it and all. Talking to GQ to promote his new documentary Side by Side, an interrogation into the transition from analog to digital filmmaking, Reeves […]

Expendables 3 To Feature Time Travel? Go To Mars? Stallone Drops Us A Hint…

Stallone was talking about recruiting a cast for The Expendables 3, talking about the existence of this threequel like a done deal As an example of who he might want to look at, it was posited that maybe, perhaps, somebody like the Irish gold medal winning boxer Katie Taylor would be a good fit.Now, Stallone[...]

Bill And Ted Threequel Gets Galaxy Quest Director

It's a nice little comeback he's having.Vulture say the plan is to make this Bill and Ted threequel into  "mid-priced studio comedy like Hot Tub Time Machine" which is as good an example of the Hollywood snake eating its own tail as I can come up with right now. It's encouraging to know that Ed[...]

Heather Graham Returning For Hangover Part 3

The recurring criticism of the second Hangover was that it was a virtual beat-for-beat do-over of the first film. One notable omission, however: Heather Graham, who for Twin Peaks alone gets a thumbs up from me.* But now she's back so they can really glue themselves to not only the formula, but most of the […]

Dan Aykroyd Says Ghostbusters 3 Will Go Ahead, Just Without Bill Murray

 Kind of puts his blind faith in a Ghostbusters threequel into perspective. Dan Aykroyd has stated two very clear things about Ghostbusters 3 in a new interview.Bill Murray will not be involved. The film is still in the works.We've been waiting, watching and every-so-frequently reporting on Murray's relationship to this hypothetical film He holds the power of[...]

Silhouette Teaser Logo For The Hangover 3 Is Selling You The Wolf Angle

I'm looking forward to the third Hangover 3 like a dose of shingles. Even worse, in fact, because I know pretty much for sure that it's coming, and I even know roughly when. The film's production company, Legendary Films, have unveiled this silhouette of a wolf to promote the film, ahead of it even going […]

The Grim Reaper Could Return For Bill And Ted 3, Says William Sadler

Linda Ge writes for Bleeing Cool.The Grim Reaper could return to haunt Bill and Ted in the threequel to the cult classic slacker comedy, actor William Sadler tells MovieWeb.Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves originated slacker icons Bill and Ted (respectively) in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in 1989, which saw them time-traveling throughout history to[...]

Here's Exactly What Gillian Anderson Said About X-Files 3

Yesterday we ran a piece on the possibility of a third X-Files film, hanging it on the hand-me-down citation of Gillian Anderson. The Once And Future Scully had been speaking to Kylie Speer, an Australian TV presenter and celebrity interviewer, on the occasion of Johnny English Reborn getting a release in Oz. Now the video […]

Third X-Files Movie Coming Next Year? – UPDATED

Speer that plans for an X-Files threequel are underway.Here's Speer's tweet:[blackbirdpie url="!/KylieSpeer/status/110596046203269120"](Thanks to Moviehole for the heads up)So unless Speer has gotten the wrong end of the stick, there would seem to be something to the persistent rumours after all.The full interview will screen at some point and then we'll get Anderson's words exactly as[...]