Star Trek: Discovery S03 Unification III: Timelines Come Full Circle

Star Trek: Discovery S03 "Unification III": Timelines Come Full Circle

The latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery turns the page on the franchise's biggest storyline between the Federation, Vulcan, and the Romulans. By no means is it resolved by the end of the episode, but it's a significant step forward that helps ties together the Federation's biggest ally in Vulcans, and The Next Generation's biggest […]

CBS Announces Star Trek: Short Trek 4 Shorts Coming

CBS Announces 'Star Trek: Short Trek' 4 Shorts Coming

We know that CBS and CBS ALL ACCESS is looking at expanding their current slate of Star Trek on the streaming service, and apparently that's going to be starting with a set of 4  shorts called Star Trek: Short Trek.Three of the four stories will center on a key character from the Star Trek: Discovery series including Tilly (played[...]

Lauren Looks Back: Main Street Cinemas Staple Eerie Mannequin Tilly

Lauren Looks Back: Main Street Cinema's Staple Eerie Mannequin, Tilly

Sitting out front in the box office is Tilly — a native of Marceline.Tilly's costume has changed over the years, but it's always remained correct for the time period in which she represents (early 1900s) Tilly is, admittedly, a little eerie Her cold, vacant stare and really lifelike hands would be suitable for a horror[...]