The Man Who Banned Tintin From A Stockholm Library… For One Day

This morning, the Stockholm Library of Culture, the Kulturhuset, announced that it was removing Tintin books from its shelves. Behrang Miri, in charge of the library's youth sections, said that he'd made the decision because Tintin reflected a "caricature of a colonial perspective." That Africans are stupid, that Arabs sit on flying carpets, that Turks smoke […]

$275 Million For Tintin And Friends

By the end of the week, the agreement covering the sale of French publishing house Flammarion from Italian publishing house RCS to French publisher Editions Gallimard, should be finalised. Reportedly this is for a sum worth 220 million Euros ($275 million, £175 million), and the deal will include Tintin and Corto Maltese publisher Casterman. You […]

Eddy Paape, Golden Age Belgian Comics Creator, Passes

Born in 1920, Eddy Paape was one of the oldest of the remaining classsic Belgian school of comics. Getting an artistic reputation working with Jijé on Emmanuel, he then drew the Valhardi detective comic in seminal anthology comic Spirou from 1946 to 1954 with writers Jean-Michel Charlier and Yvan Delporte. He went on to create […]

The Million Dollar Tintin In America Cover Is For Sale

The artwork for the front cover of Tintin In America, from the nineteen thirties, will go on sale in Paris next month, with a price expected to fetch around a million dollars. Feel free to pose with your little finger crooked to the edge of the mouth. And we're back in the room. Drawn by […]

French Publisher Buys Publishing Rights To Tintin

Massive french publisher Gallimard are in the process of buying French group Falmmarion, which currently belongs to an Italian company. Now, Flammarion also owns Casterman, publisher of Tintin, Corto Maltese, Fluide Glacial and other minor comic labels. Gallimard also has its own labels, like Denoel Graphic and are co-owners of Futuropolis with Soleil. Al this […]

Spielberg Won't Direct Jurassic Park 4, Peter Jackson To Capture Tintin 2 This Year

The War Horse wagon train rumbles on, reaching France, and all the glamour of a star-studded Parisian press conference (ie. a bunch of mostly self-entitled hacks asking tedious questions of the bored and tired… but in Paris). Amongst the talk of War Horse, Spielberg also spilled a little about upcoming projects, with the most interesting […]

Sunday Runaround – Tintin, Tibet And Traffic

FoxWatch: In the light of the new Tintin movie, Fox News runs a delightful tourist guide to Brussels and Belgium, including the country's rich comic book history. Some of the website commenters are less sure. The only good thing to come out of Belgium was George Patton, leaving behind thousands of dead Nazis. Otherwise, the […]

Saturday Runaround – Tintin! Tintin! Tintin!

TintinInIndiaWatch: How does Tintin sell in India? "So what is Tintin's enduring appeal for us? Book-store managers say the perennial demand for Tintin comics in India never dips. In 2010, 35 years after the first Indian translation of Tintin in Bengali appeared in the children's magazine Anandamela, it was translated into Hindi by film-maker and […]

The Complete Tintin App That Wasn't (UPDATE)

It sounded too good to be true. The complete Tintin collection as an Apple iPad App for $4.99/£2.99. And that's exactly what it was. How it got approved by Apple isn't known. Those who have bought the App now say that it is broken, its method was to let you download the pirated pages stored […]

Afterwards They Will Explode – Tintin: The Gritty Reboot

Last week's video from Patrick Willems, Why Sonic Screwdrivers Are Banned In Action Movies was a smash hit. And I get the feeling this will be as well. What if Tintin Was Grim'N;Gritty? Welcome to Tintin – Five Years Later. Patrick Willems decided the logical thing to do with his film degree was to make […]

Prisoners Of The Sun Not Tintin 2 But Probably Tintin 3

I didn't much like The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, and neither did my guests to the screening. We all found different plot holes, were all put off by different aesthetics and all had some issue or another with the action sequences.  In short: there's plenty in this film to put off […]

Chester Brown And Friends Draw Tintin

In an exhibition sponsored by Toronto's premier comics store The Beguiling, Chester Brown and other Canadian artists including Michael DeForge, Joe Ollmann, Zach Worton, and Faith Erin Hicks have drawn their versions of the popular Belgian comics character for Toronto Draws Tintin. The opening party is tonight from 7-11 at the Steamwhistle Gallery. The pieces […]

Monday Runaround – The Hallowe'en And The Ivy

TintinWatch: Brussels gets a walking tour of Tintin. Indeed, all around us were places relating to Hergé's and other Belgian cartoonists' lives and comic creations. Didier showed us the textile factory that Hergé's father managed and where he met the artist's seamstress mother. It's now the city's archives building. HalloWatch: Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy […]

Where The Writers Credits Are As Big As The Actors And Directors… Tintin

This seems a rather rare occurence. Not on all the press certainly, but on this UK poster for Tintin in particular, the name of the writers is the same size as that as the director. And the cast. And the film's subtitle. Indeed, the only thing bigger than the writers' names is the main title […]

Tintin: Breaking Free – The Greatest Comic Book Parody Ever Made

Air Pirates. Superduperman. What The–?!. I do love a good comic book parody. Yesterday I was asked by a comic book publisher to write an upcoming parody comic book and it got me thinking as to my favourite comic parodies.I've had a go at a few myself, principally X-Flies, Civil Wardrobe and Watchmensch, but I […]