Internet Runaround

asm_599_var_covHouse To Astonish podcast are very nice to BleedingCool. But some other sites have stories as well, youknow.

The BBC looks at Yorkshire-based comic artists feeding the US market. While The Sun reports on Judge Dredd artist Ron Smith in court, accused of rape and assault. UPDATE: He has been found not guilty.

Newsarama tells us about the return of Robocop at Dynamite. Will they publish Nick Locking's missing story? And, oh yes, Newsarama also have the Amazing Spider-Man seventies cover variant featuring President Richard Nixon and an afro Spidey. If only they'd actually done that back then.

CBR runs interviews with X-Force's Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, Nikke Finke reports on Peter Jackson/Steven Spielberg/Steven Moffat's Tintin getting a European release months before the US (in payback for Up possibly!)

And everyone and their grandmother is showing off that Mickey Rourke shot as Whiplash. But not everyone has tried phoning the numbers tattooed on Rourke's flesh. You get an Estonian sex worker trying to sell you floor polish. I wouldn't if I were you.


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