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Microids & Moulinsart Partner Up For A Tintin Video Game

Video game publisher Microids and Moulinsart have come together to announce a Tintin video game is in the works There have been a couple of different video games based on the iconic franchise, the most recent being the 2011 title The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, based on the 2011 Steven Speilberg[...]

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Boris, WWE and the Return of Comics in the Daily LITG April 13th 2020

You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here.[caption id="attachment_1192864" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Boris Johnson and the coronavirus, in Tintin form By Rich Johnston, after Herge,[/caption] WWE, Boris, and the return of comics in May - the 10 Most-Read Stories Yesterday People are loving those DC, Marvel and Batman Zoom backgrounds[...]

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson Reading Tintin Comics in Hospital

Bleeding Cool has received reports that Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson MP, has received copies of his favourite Tintin comics to read in hospital Boris, who was infected with the coronavirus, was hospitalised into intensive care and given oxygen to support his breathing He is now undergoing a long recovery[...]

First Tintin Cover Art by Hergé Bidding Passes $1 Million at Auction

First Tintin Cover Art by Hergé Bidding Passes $1 Million at Auction

The headline piece of the auction, Hergé's very first Tintin cover art, which appeared on the February 13, 1930 issue of Le Petit Vingtième, has just passed the $1 million mark with buyer's premium, with three days to go until auction close as of this writing The piece had a pre-auction estimate of $1.3 million,[...]

Single Page From Tintin In The Congo Page Sells For $820,000

It's the most controversial of Tintin volumes by Herge, Tintin In The Congo, for it's stereotypical, colonialist viewpoint of the Congolese native population So much so that even Herge would revisit it, and re-edit it to make it not quite so much on the nose.It may have been this attention that saw he above illustration[...]

Tintin Page Sells For Over $1,700,000 At Auction, Breaking World Record

But the Sotheny auction of comic book artwork and ephemera saw this double page from Tintin And The Sceptre Of Ottokar by Herge sell for 1,563,000 Euros or $1,706,374 This is a world record price for such a double page spread of comic book artwork. That's a lot of change, especially considering Tintin is hardly visible in it...[...]

Will Tintin Page Break A Million Dollars? New Sothebys Comic Art Auction Goes Live

the Asterix page from Asterix And Cleopatra is estimated at 200-250K Euros ($280,000) alone.  Though if you really like Uderzo, you can pick up this illustration in a very different style for a mere $100.And this colour illustration of Astrerix, Obelix and Dogmatix is a more reasonable $90,000 This Spirit page could go for up to $5000...This Burne[...]

Moulinsart Lose Legal Case Over Tintin Rights

Moulinsart, the company that holds the estate of Hergé, has been lawsuit happy over anyone who tries to use Tintin images anywhere, fair use or not.It's why a number of publications, such as Tintin And The Secret Of Literature are published without Tintin imagery, and why fans have been legally targeted over the years by[...]

Tintin, The Opera

A Monopoly board.And now Tintin is to be an opera An opera.Based on the Tintin comic The Castafiore Emerald, which does to be fair, feature plenty of opera,A lyrical comedy will include Mozart arias and the work of Rossini, Offenbach, Puccini, Gounod and Verdi .. with te words adapted from Hergé's books.Tintin will be played by Amani Devos, Castafiore by soprano[...]

Tintin Cover To Sell For Over $3 Million

Here we go folks.Tintin cover original artwork for Tintin In America, sold two years ago for $1.6 million. This year, a double page spread featuring a variety of illustrations used for many covers sold for almost $3.5 million.Well, this could smash even that record This folks is the original artwork for what could be the highest selling piece of comic book[...]

The Tintin Ebola Connection That Makes For A Very Strange Story

I was 27 and felt a bit like my childhood hero, Tintin.” So, there you have it: Famous scientists doing important work read comics, kids!But there was also another interesting angle, as Piot disclosed that the nuns who contracted the disease and who had died were from Belgium and at Yambuku, part of the Belgian[...]

Tintin Page Worth $250,000-$350,000 Found Behind Sofa

A TV remote control, a lost slipper, half a tennis ball... Bit to the best of my knowledge, I've never found a page of Tintin original art worth between $250,000 to $400,000. A page from a Belgian comics collector from the Tintin book King Ottakar's Sceptre will be auctioned next month, expecting to raise between $250,000 and[...]

Tintin Original Art Page Sells For Almost Three-And-A-Half Million Dollars

$3.41 million dollars. This Tintin artboard by Herge is now the most expensive work of comic book art to date. Sold today in Paris in auction, it was estimated to sell for 700 to 900,000 Euros Well, it did so much more than that.The page, showing Tintin and Snowy in many different situations, each the planned high point[...]

Tintin: The Black Island Cover Art To Hit A Million Dollars

Another Tintin cover will be auctioned May 24th  by Parisiene auction house, Arcturial. Previously, one cover had sold for $1.6 million. The new auction is for the famous Black Island cover It's possible the estimates below may be a little on the low side. The inked line art and color guide (created by Hergé himself) will be sold separately. The[...]

Desperately Seeking Comics At London Book Fair 2014

Those wacky French.Tintin does get everywhere...Though of course there was plenty of variety on hand.Also at the show was The British Library, promoting amongst other things, the book to accompany the upcoming Comics Unmasked exhibition.I managed to get a sneak peek at some of Paul Gravett's book, and it's a rather wonderful amalgamation[...]

Casterman To Publish Herge's 'Missing' Tintin Comic, The Thermozéro

We know that French publisher Casterman are planning a new Tintin book.. in 2052, a year before the character joins the public domain.But there's another Tintin book that was never published, because it was never finished And now that's coming to light And, alongside a remastering of the colour version of  Tintin in the Land[...]

The Script For The Next Tintin Movie Has Just Been Finished

The sole exception? Watching all of the supplements on the Middle Earth movie Blu-rays.Up next, if old plans are still to be trusted, is the next Tintin movie The Daily Mail (via The Playlist) caught up with its screenwriter, the novelist Anthony Horowitz, and he told them:I’ve just finished writing the new Tintin film for[...]

Could We Get New Tintin Earlier Than We Thought?

Bleeding Cool previously reported on plans by Tintin publisher Casterman to publish a new volume one year before the character enters the public domain, despite reported wishes of Herge.But at Angoulême, the scene seemed to be set for an earlier return to new volumes for the famous Belgian character, possibly in light of the success[...]

Things To Do In London This Week If You Like Comics – JMS To Tintin

But don't you fret! There are comic book things! Cameron Stewart, Will Simpson, JMS and Tintin! Saturday 4th JanuaryCameron Stewart is signing at Gosh! Comics tomorrow Creator of the award-winning comic Sin Titulo, and artist on such mind blindingly good titles as Batman and Robin and Sea Guy will be at Gosh! on January the 4th from[...]

Casterman To Publish A New Non-Hergé Tintin Comic. In 2052.

There were to be no more Tintin books after his death And its something that his publisher Casterman has adhered to, until now Well, until 2052, anyway.Because Tintin will go out of copyright in 2053 and enter the public domain At which point anyone will be able to create and publish new Tintin comics.And while[...]