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Sony Reveals December 2019 Free Games For PlayStation Plus
This week, Sony revealed that Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross will be free on PlayStation Plus starting on December 3rd Both are pretty decent choices, though it would have been nice to get both of them earlier Here's the announcement trailer and the descriptions from Sony themselves Both games will be free on PlayStation[...]
'Titanfall 2' Drops "Postcards From The Frontier" DLC Trailer
EA Games and Respawn Entertainment have dropped the latest trailer for their next free DLC to Titanfall 2 called "Postcards From The Frontier" Boiling down the details for you, you'll be getting a new execution called Hole In The Wall, and a brand new Life Fire map called Uma that by all accounts it sounds insane[...]
Titanfall fans can rest easy this weekend, as Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the company has no plans to abandon the first-person shooter series anytime soon. "It's important for us to keep the franchise going," Respawn CEO Vince Zampella recently told GameSpot, after noting that the sales for Titanfall 2 were good, but could have been better[...]
New Trailer Released For 'Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition'
EA Games just released a brand new trailer for Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition that looks and feels a lot more intense than the first major trailer we ever saw for the game Which makes us wonder… why didn't they use this one when they first released it? All jokes aside, the trailer itself looks amazing[...]
The top of the list includes FIFA 18, Titanfall 2, and Battlefield 1, all of which will be free to play on both subscription services On top of that, some extra titles will be coming exclusively to each service, including several sports titles as they become available Below is a complete list of what will[...]
Next week on June 27, you'll be getting a brand new update for Titanfall 2 called "The War Games" which will probably fix a lot of issues as part of the download But up until now, Respawn Entertainment haven't really been discussing what you'll get when it finally arrives Well, today this posted a little[...]
'Titanfall 2' Is Getting Some Free DLC On Tuesday
Respawn Entertainment, developers of Titanfall 2, announced in a recent blog post that on May 30, players can expect to receive free DLC for the game that will include a bunch of updates and new toys to play with First, you'll be getting a new titan called Monarch that's a mid-range Vanguard class that can[...]
Titanfall 2 A Glitch In The Frontier Features A New Free Map And Livefire Mode
Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall 2 is still rolling out updates, and this latest one "a Glitch in the Frontier" features a brand new map that will be available for free for all players The new map is actually based on the area of the game where the tutorial is carried out The new update will also include[...]
Titanfall 2's Live Fire Mode Trailer Looks Fantastic
Respawn Entertainment and EA have not given up on Titanfall 2, despite its launch being overshadowed by Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The next update to the game should come sometime later this month and will include two new game maps called Stacks and Meadow which are designed to force players to fight on[...]
Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year – Part 2: #17 – #1
Titanfall 2 At one point, I was less than impressed with Titanfall 2 Both at E3 and during the beta, the game just failed to really capture my imagination as much as I wanted it too. That left me utterly unprepared for just how good the final game was The multiplayer popped, the gameplay soared and the[...]
Titanfall Online
Titanfall 2 is brilliant While the single player is crafted with some amazing qualities, the multiplayer is nothing to sleep on either After a shakey beta, the online really did end up coming together in the final release. You don't just have to take my word for it either You will be able to play it[...]
EA Exec Says Titanfall 2 Sales Are About The Long Run
Word on the street is that Titanfall 2 is struggling sales wise This is likely do to EA launching the game a week after Battlefield 1 and a week before Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, meaning the game hasn't set the charts on fire That is a massive shame too as the game is genuinely[...]
Titanfall 2 Review: Exquisite From Ro-Top To Robot-Tom
It was cinematic, massive, fast and chaotic multiplayer, all held together with a really firm rule base in the way of how the game worked. That's why I was initially worried by what I played of Titanfall 2 It felt hermogonised, smaller and like it was chasing an identity that didn't play to what made the[...]
Titanfall 2 Gets A Launch Trailer To Celebrate Release
I'm sure there is a reason. Titanfall 2 has done it the old way though and released their launch trailer the day before release It's pretty stylish too With a nice message about becoming one with your titan and a good "Bang Bang" – Nancy Sinatra cover, there is plenty to like here. Take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXwdWuSuiYA [...]
Titanfall 2 Gets Another Story Trailer Diving Into Your Robo-Friendship
Titanfall 2 is just around the corner now, with the game hitting in just under a week One of the new features for the franchie will be a story mode, which has been a big focus for marketing push. This new trailer is probably our best look at it yet, and it is surprisingly heartwarming too[...]
Titanfall 2 Won't Be Part Of EA Access So Won't Be Playable Early
Along with Battlefield 1, EA are pinning a lot of hopes on Titanfall 2 this holiday period Now relieved of its console exclusivity, the game will have a chance to reach new audiences. It seems that EA aren't giving Microsoft any preferential treatment to Xbox here here either. GameReactor has spotted that the game won't be a part of[...]
Titanfall 2 Introduces All Of Its Titan Friends In New Video
I had my issues with the Titanfall 2 technical test, but I am still entirely open to being re-won over In fact, I'd like nothing more. One of the things that could help the flow of the game quite considerably is the introduction of the new Titans in the game The two in the beta were neat, but[...]
Titanfall 2's Open Beta Isn't Coming To PC
Titanfall 2 is quickly hurtling towards us, with a supposed open beta incoming for the title This will allow Respawn Entertainment to test their servers and the game in an open place, while giving gamers a taste of what the game is like However, if you are exclusively a PC player, I have some bad news[...]
Get A Quick Look At Titanfall 2's Single Player In New Trailer
Titanfall 2 is going to be bringing a single player campaign to the franchise for the first time, which is exciting It was an obvious shortcoming of the first game, so it's really neat to have the opportunity to explore the universe in a story this time around. Well, you can get a nice look at[...]
Titanfall 2 Gets A Teaser Ahead Of Tomorrow's Reveal
Titanfall 2 is going to be getting a gameplay reveal tomorrow during EA's press conference It's also going to be playable and I will indeed be getting to touch the game sometime this week to tell you all about it. To get you excited/intrigued/prepped for the show, this little teaser has been pushed out to give[...]
Battlefield 1 And Titanfall 2 Will Be Out Very Close To Each Other
Some people (investors) worried that EA could be cannibalising it's sales by having its two big holiday titles this year be online focused FPS shooters in Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 At the very least, you'd imagine that they would come out with some distance between each other. Well, it appears EA aren't worried at all,[...]
Possible Titanfall 2 Poster And Details Leak Outlining A Grappling Hook
Titanfall 2 is now set for this year, which is pretty exciting The game showed great potential in its first outing, so hopefully, with a confirmed campaign this time, Respawn Entertainment will match what we wanted out of the first one. To give us a glimpse it seems a couple things have leaked today about the[...]
Titanfall 2 Gets A Surprise Teaser Trailer
Here we go. We've been told for a long time that Titanfall 2 would be a thing From interviews, to finical reports, the existence of the sequel hasn't been a guarded secret. But it all just got a whole lot more real as a teaser trailer has just popped up the sequel It doesn't reveal too much,[...]
Titanfall 2 Is Being Advertised At GameStop Despite Still Being Unnannounced
Titanfall 2 is coming We do know that, thanks to interviews and quarterly reports by EA and Respawn personnel, but the game has never been 'officially' announced. That's why it is very odd to see the game being advertised at places like GameStop already As spotted by Niall Maher (via GameSpot), advertising for the game has[...]
McFarlane Toys Might've Let Slip That Titanfall 2 Is Coming This Year
EA have announced that Titanfall 2 is currently set to come out sometime before March 31st 2017 Most people assumed that meant we'd be getting it some time in early 2017. But it seems perhaps there is a chance we could see it this year As spotted by Polygon, McFarlane Toys are going to be making Titanfall[...]