[Updated With Both Trailers] Titanfall 2 Details And Release Date Leak Early Due To YouTube Stream Error


Oh dear. Information is just determined to get out this year, huh?

Someone at YouTube or EA have botched a stream, showing a rehearsal for the EA Press Conference (the one happening in London to be exact.) In it, we saw the trailer for Titanfall 2, and got some details. The key take aways are that there are 6 new titans 6 new, there will be a multiplayer beta, the single player campaign has been confirmed and you will be able to play it offline.

Perhaps most importantly, is the fact that the game has now been confirmed for October 28th.

There was also a trailer to accompany this, butYouTube have eradicated any trace it, but it was captured and is brokenly circulating around if you really want to go hunting for it.


It seems EA have cut their losses and just released the single player trailer for the game officially. Go take a look!

[Update 2: And here is the pretty rad Multiplayer trailer. It went over really well in the room.]

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