Titanfall 2 Won't Be Part Of EA Access So Won't Be Playable Early


Along with Battlefield 1, EA are pinning a lot of hopes on Titanfall 2 this holiday period. Now relieved of its console exclusivity, the game will have a chance to reach new audiences.

It seems that EA aren't giving Microsoft any preferential treatment to Xbox here here either. GameReactor has spotted that the game won't be a part of EA Access, which is an Xbox One only (on console) service. That service lets subscribers play games early, usually a week before release. This is subject to change mind, so it isn's a certainty. Still. Signs point that way.

My guess, since a lot of Titanfall 2's marketing has fallen back on the PS4, is that this was an agreement made with Sony so Xbox One players wouldn't be playing the game first. That is total speculation on my part mind, but it makes sense.

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